Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fabric Feast

A few posts back I promised you pictures of my new fabric. 'New' is maybe not the correct word as some of them are already a few months in my posession.

So here goes.

(click on the pictures to get a closer look at the fabric)

Online shopping at "De Stoffenstunter". I was very, very pleasantly surprised when I opened my package. You can never tell for sure what you are gonna receive with online shopping but this was GOOD!

1. Blue pinstripe for a narrow skirt
2. Gorgeous velvet-jersey for a top  (is it possible to be in love with a fabric?)
3. Plain simple black jeans for a skirt

1.                                                                 2.


Fabric Market near my home. At a certain point I remembered I also had planned to go to the fabric market in Nieuwegein, and stopped buying. Or else.....

1. Lovely velvet-jersey which I plan to use for a wrap-dress (to my surprise this fabric is used in the
    KnipMode January 2012)
2. Softly spotted suede-like fabric for a skirt
3. Brown, very fine checks. Great trouser-fabric
4. Another brown, fine herringbone for trousers

1.                                                                   2.

 3.                                                                  4.

Fabric Market in Nieuwegein. I also met a lovely group of fellow-sewists there and bought the following lovelies.

1. Soft lilac knit, for a cardigan
2. Super-soft fake-fur. I'll use this for the collar of a cardigan. Still have to find a matching white knit for
3. Great Chanel-fabric. No, not the real stuff....duh... I love the colours in it. Plans are to make a skirt
    with it.
4. The blue/black fabric is a heavier cotton with a bit of shine. I planned to make a skirt with it but I'm leaning
    more towards a little jacket every time I look at it.
5. A thin cotton with a mille-fleur print. Perfect for a little blouse.

1.                                                                    2.

3.                                                                    4.


So, there you have it. Tons of fabric and lots of plans.
It's not that I haven't sewn anything lately. After the white blouse I showed you in my last post, I made the creme ribcord skirt (which was part of this project and therefore long overdue) and I made a cardigan this week. It's finished though I'm still thinking of putting some darts in the back to make it a bit more body-hugging. I'll show you the outcome in a next post, with or without the darts.

Have a great weekend everyone and a very, very good 2012!!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 3, 2011

White blouse finished

Done!! It felt like it took forever to finish this blouse. I'm glad it's finished so I can start on something new.

But I'm very happy with the end-result.
The pattern is from KnipMode 10/2006.

It's quite a simple, basic blouse, but the pleats just below the collar are a great feature. It is not close-fitting but it's not too loose also. It's just right. I can wear it just like this, tucked in or with a belt. 

The fabric was a remnant I picked up from the market. I bought 3 pieces for the price of € 5. You do the maths!
I love the fact that it's not a see-through fabric. It's hard to find great fabric for a white blouse but this one fits the bill just right.

A closer look at the pleats and collar with stand:

I planned to use 3 smaller buttons to close the cuffs. But the only buttons I could find this week (during the only opportunity I had this week to go shopping) came in one size only, so I had to change my plan and decided to use 2 buttons on the cuffs. 3 of this size would have been too much.
It's ok. But next time I'll try a bit harder to find what I really want, so I can stick to my original plan.

It's hard to decide what I will pick up next. I have a lot of lovely fabric waiting for me and tons of ideas. I'll show you my goodies in a next post. By that time I hope I have decided on my next project, or even better, started on it!


Monday, November 28, 2011

And there was me fearing this dress, made last summer, might
be somewhat out of fashion:

                                   Better think again, 'cause this is what I 
                                   found on Pinterest:

                                                                                                        A girl with impeccable taste, our Keira!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Meeting fellow-sewists and a white blouse in progress

It has been a whole month since I blogged the last time and that's not something I'm happy with. Having time to blog means (in my book) that there's a good balance between work and 'play'. November has been a month so busy that it's been insane. Not all bad though. On the contrary! I've joined a lovely meeting with fellow-sewists in the weekend of 12/13 November.

Sigrid was so nice to invite me for a weekend full of un and I was happy to join in on sunday. The group had a great weekend with visits to a fashion-exhibition at The Hague and a visit to Amsterdam on saturday. On sunday a trip to the fabric-market at Nieuwegein was planned. And that's where I joined in. (Try to keep me away from a place that sells fabric...duh.)
It has been so much fun and we had a great laugh. And of course we bought fabulous fabric!

Thank you Sigrid, Margaret, Joana, Hilde, Sheila, Samira, Marta, Valerie, Valerie and Clare, for a lovely day. It's been so great meeting you and I'm sure we'll meet again in the future.
Sigrid and Valerie already posted a group-picture so I'm not gonna repeat that, but this picture is rather funny: it's a fabric-avalanche next to where we were sitting.

(The fabric was falling in our direction. I just know that must mean something.....)

So what's been up with the rest of November/sewing?
On my last post about the skirt with the pointy bottom I received some very helpful comments.

Audrey, one of your suggestions was that the fabric might have been stretched at that place and I think that's just what happened. I was trying to get the zipper in as neatly as possible and I remember pulling the fabric a bit when I was ironing it.
The zipper itself could not have been the problem as it's very lightweight and not stiff at all. But the idea that a stiff zipper could have this effect and that interfacing the zipper-area might help to prevent this, are good things to know.
Thanks everyone for your helpful comments!

I made a new skirt with the exact same pattern and there was no problem at all. Lesson learned!

At the moment I'm working on a white blouse. It's a slow project. I started this over 2 weeks ago and it's taking baby-steps to finish it. I really hope I'll have more time to sew once November is over. Today I managed to complete it to the point where there's only buttons/buttonholes left to sew. But that's how far I'll get today as I don't have any matching buttons. So it's web-shopping next for me.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pencil skirt

Sunday I finished the pencilskirt. From the front it looks absolutely fine:

From the back, with the right lighting, it does look fine too:

From an angle, I almost have a 'sexy booty'. Almost.

Then why, oh why, does it look like this from the side:

Problem: just at the point where the zipper ends (in the back) there's a ditch. I can't figure out why this is occurring. When placing the zipper I basted the hell out of it, just to make sure it wouldn't look messy. I even sewed the point at the bottom by hand to make sure it looked neat. And it worked. The zipper is sewed in to my liking.
The fabric is not pulling at that point. I made sure the fit of this skirt was comfortable (and it is!!).  When you look back at the second picture and you take a closer look at the bottom of the zipper, you see an horizontal line that's not supposed to be there. And just below that line there's that wretched ditch!  It may not look all that terrible to you, but believe me, it's really annoying and taking the pleasure out of wearing this skirt.

If anyone has ideas or tips how to solve this, or how to avoid this in the future, they would be more than welcome.

It's not all bad though. The fit is great. I love the fabric and apart from this little mishap, I think it turned out just fine. But I don't know if I would wear it in this state. Or I should wear something on top that's long enough to cover that area. Hey, that's an idea!!

Anywayz, hope you have better sewing-luck.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Funny coincidence

Hi all,

For those wondering: I'm still here.
Sewing has been superslow lately. My mojo goes up and down like a ferris-wheel, but it's more down than up I'm afraid. However, yesterday I picked up a new project, a pencil skirt. It's not very interesting. Just a simple skirt. Plan is to finish it today. Pictures promised.

But telling you this is actually not the main reason why I decided to blog today. No, it's a movie I saw on television: 'Down with love', with Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. It was a gorgeous movie. If it was not for the actors or the feel-good factor of the movie, than it was because of the great, great 60's fashion that is displayed throughout. They really make a fashion-stand in that movie. Wow!!

And much to my surprise, Renée is wearing this in the opening-scene:

Why to my surprise? Because in the big pile of fabrics I got from someone recently, there's this fabric (tape-measure is in centimeters):

Ha!! If that isn't a coincidence...

But for those who love 60's fashion just as much as me, I must disappoint you. There's not going to be a garment made of this fabric in my wardrobe any time soon, for the feel of the fabric is horrendous. It has a very, coarse surface. I haven't washed it yet (and don't know whether the previous owner did) but that's something I can try before I dismiss it altogether. It would be a shame if I had to because it's a lovely fabric to look at and would make a lovely.....hmmm let's see......pencil-skirt. Yep, again.

That's all folks! I must lie down now for I'm feeling rather dizzy. That happened to me also a few weeks ago. Probably an age-thing? Oh well...


Sunday, September 25, 2011

...and it's not even my birthday

I don't mean to make you all jealous or anything....but.....well, how shall I put this.....

Ain't this fantastic?! I'm so glad this friend of a friend knew of my sewing or else this would all have ended up in the paperbin. 19 magazines I can add to my already extensive collection of sewingmagazines. There are 17 Burda's (one I read outside and I forgot to bring it in for the picture), 1 Sandra Mode and 1 Easy Fashion. All of them are from the last decade and most are from 2005 to 2010. 

And that's not all:

A huge amount of fabric came home with me too.

I don't want to keep all of it. Some I really like and already have plans for. Some I don't like or the pieces are just too little to do anything with them. A few of them look nice but have a very rough surface. The camel in the right picture is perfect for a coat but I'm not sure about the colour. It's just off from the camel you see a lot for this fall. Maybe I should look upon them as pieces in a fabricstore and decide whether I would wanna buy them or not and take that as a decision whether I want to keep them or not. Good thing I don't have to decide right away.
On the other hand there are a few fantastic pieces for skirts, blouses and jackets and some of it could be used as lining.

I'm really excited about this gift and I'm gonna enjoy the process of thinking through what I want to do with these piles of fabric.

I'm starting to be somewhat of a fabric-hoarder. There's also a delivery on it's way of 4 fabulous fall-fabrics.
There's something exciting about a lot of fabric, waiting to be sewed.
Now all that's left to do is find me some sewingtime. It's got to be somewhere.....


Saturday, September 24, 2011

KnipMode 08/2004-8b Sweater

What do you do when you're desperate to blog about something but have nothing to blog about? You dig into your memory if there's nothing you left out that's still worth mentioning.
I did and I came up with this top (on the left). I had totally forgotten to show it to you. Probably because it's not really very special. However, I do like it very much and that's the main point right?
This is made from the same, and very much loved, fabric as the blue vest of my previous post. I think it is fun to show them next to each other. (In fact I always think about them as a pair, don't know why that is).

The only thing that can be said about the purple one is that it has an interesting neckline. It's hard to tell in this picture but the line from the leftshoulder (left when worn) goes all the way to the sleeveseam. In fact, the right shoulder is just a little piece that's sewed on top of that line. It's a nice feature but as I said, it's the only feature.

I'm not completely happy with the hem. It's a bit too wide on me. (BTW, my size cannot be exactly compared to the Blue Lady's. I just use her as a threedimensional clotheshanger.....sshhh.....don't tell her..).

The white shine you see at bustheight is the inside pole lighting up by the camera's flashlight. Yes, the fabric is very light and quite thin but it has enough cover-up to wear without any problems.
Once I finished the creme corduroy skirt I'll show you pictures of the two outfits on me. But that might take a while as I have a lot of things to do and might just squeeze in some other sewingprojects.

So...hmmm...what else did I want to tell you....

I'm in for a treat!! A friend of a friend was cleaning out her sewing space and as I once met her when all of us took a shopping-trip toghether, she knew about my sewing-hobby. And she was so kind to think about me.
This afternoon I'll be picking up a couple of Burda's and some fabric. Don't know the amount. Could be 2 Burda's and 5 pieces of fabric. Could be 2 boxes loaded with each of them. Doesn't matter. I'll be glad with whatever sewing-stuff is thrown in my direction and tomorrow I will show you all the goodies!!

Bye for now. Have a lovely weekend!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

KnipMode 01/2010-11 Vest finished

(oops...forgot to press the hems of the arms before taking pics)

           (Linedrawing)                                           (Real colour, but this picture doesn't show
                                                                              the details as well as the above picture)

It's not often I brag about things but this time I think I'm allowed an exception. This little vest came out só much better than I had hoped for. The fabric is a pleasure to work with. It contains lycra which helps a lot to keep the fabric in shape. Even topstitching gave no hassle at all, which is rather unusual for a knit.
Sewing the facings at the collar and the midfront/bottom (all the way around) was a step I was not looking forward to. I kept thinking: "What if everything gets wonky? Will my project, so far successful, end there?" But it didn't.  Phew!!
I'm also glad that everything turned out right at the first try. Unpicking stitches in this fabric is close to impossible.
I lengthened the pattern with my usual 3 cm, just above the waist, and I must say that the waist sits just at the right place.

It's gonna be fun wearing this in the fall. The colour combines with a lot of other colours.

The fuchsia sweater (for details click here) is also finished. I don't have blog-worthy pictures of it yet. When I do, I'll show you of course.

Next thing? Cleaning up my sewing-room. It's a bit messy at the moment.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Sunday, August 21, 2011


As promised, here is a sneak preview of my upcoming plans.
Yep, this is fall-sewing. I'm totally done with summer. Sewing, that is.
Pattern - KnipMode, August 2004, nr. 6
Fabric - Beige ribcord with a bit of stretch,  creamy-soft texture!
I love the topstitching on this skirt, and of course the A-line style which suits my bodytype very well.

Pattern - KnipMode, August 2004, nr. 8b
Fabric - Soft knit, polyester with spandex (the same fabric as for the vest)
This sweater has an interesting neckline which I like very much. 

Pattern - KnipMode, January 2010, nr.11
Fabric - Soft knit, polyester with spandex
I'll make the sweater before I start on this vest, just to get the feel of the fabric and find out wether it's an easy or difficult fabric to work with. Best to practice on something not too difficult.

I think I'll start with the sweater. I'm anxious to find out how to handle this lovely fabric.
There's one week of holiday left for me, so there should be some progress in the coming days.
Apart from these pieces, I do have other sewing plans as well.

I'll keep you informed.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Dress from another century.

When I took these pictures I considered this dress finished. After looking at the pictures I think I might have to squeeze in one more bit of sewing. More about that later.
First pictures.

It's too dressy to call it casual. It's probably best worn in the office. But that's just fine. The pattern is quite old, it's from KnipMode April 1996. Would you call this vintage? How old should a pattern be before you can call it vintage? Well, vintage or not, I like this one quite a lot. It's a timeless design and it was very easy to make.
The fabric is from my stash. I think it's a blend of linen and cotton, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it was a joy to sew with and it's a joy to wear, so it must be something good.

Below, the picture in the magazine. While going through my old KnipModes over the years, this picture always caught my attention. There's no particular reason why I didn't make this dress sooner but I'm glad I finally got round to it. (Click twice on the image to get a better view of the linedrawing).

This dress almost wasn't to be. I made a mistake while measuring the width of the waist. I measured the waist of the top and considered it okay for my size. I forgot however to read the instructions which tell you to take in that waist with elastic, and thén attach it to the skirt. So the waistline of the skirt is just as wide as the top with the elastic in. And that was way too small for me. Problem was that I already cut out the backskirt so I had to make do with that piece. (There was not enough left to cut it out again). I saved the project by placing the pattern for the skirt lower on the fabric, to the point where the waist was wide enough to match the upperbody. This took out some of the length of the skirt but it was still long enough.
At that point I was measuring and checking again and again, to make sure nothing would go wrong anymore. And that paid off.
(By the way, the skirt was cut on the bias which makes it hang very nicely)

What I think I still need to do is put some elastic in the waist to get the bit of extra width it still has, to spread out more evenly. Now the folds are a bit disordered and all over the place. (They seem to concentrate where the belt-loops are placed).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I put in shoulderpads. Yes! Shoulderpads. Seems to be a sin in fashion these days but seeing as I have almost no shoulders myself (ok, now I'm exaggerating) and this is a pattern with broader shoulders (it's a nineties-pattern, what would you expect?) I think it's just fine to do so.


Alright, what's next. I've been talking about a SWAP. But I don't think you can call a collection of 3 items a SWAP. That would be like saying you can swim if you're able not to drown in the bathtub.
So I won't talk about the S-word again and just tell you what my next plans are. For that you'll have to read my next post. I'm planning on posting this weekend so stay tuned and sew happily!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One-way ticket to Wadderville?

Yesterday I started on this project:

It's a rendez-vous (Burda Febr 2009 / 123) as I made it before, you can see that in this link (scroll down to the bottom of that post for a nice picture).

Piece of cake, I thought. Not!
The thing is that the fabric is behaving very badly. On top of that my serger is behaving even more badly, if that's possible. And as for me? I was being far too hasty and impatient, thinking I could do this one with my eyes closed, so I made a few mistakes.
I said to myself that nothing would get me down and I would finish this in a good way. But there's only so much one can take.
At a certain point I decided that enough is enough. And I took a step back, looked at it and decided I was not going to let this ruin my happy-holiday-sewing-mood and this blouse just wasn't for now. Maybe I'll pick it up again at one time but now I'm gonna concentrate on (sewing)things that make me happy.

This picture of the right frontpiece (the small curve in the upper right corner is the armscye) doesn't show all the 'wrongs' but the one you can see is obvious enough, right? As far as I know the front has to be a smooth line and not a ruffled one.

It's just such a shame that this fabric was/is so lovely and I had such high hopes for it. Been looking at it in my stash and dreaming about it for ages.
Ah well, stuff happens. Moving on!

There might even be a little fall-SWAP lurking around the corner. Now isn't that exciting?


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Lately I feel a growing urge to sew something more complicated, like a jacket or a blouse with special details. But until now I haven't been able to bring myself to actually start such a project. To fill in the sewing-gap I sticked to simple sewing. And what is more simple than a plain t-shirt? When I took a trip to Antwerp last spring, I bought a few pieces of knits with the intention to make t-shirts out of them. So it was just the right time to cut them up.

(Freaky! I seem to have posed EXACTLY the same for these two pictures. Just look at my hands..even the plant behind my back sticks out exactly the same!..)

I've used this TNT-pattern  quite a lot and made it with short and 3/4 length arms.
The only thing I've changed recently is using a binding to finish the neckline instead of facings. I once read somewhere: "Once you use a binding to finish edges, you never look back". This might be very true. It's such a neat finish and quite easy to do. I don't even measure the length of the binding, just make sure there's enough of it and then ease in the neckline, and stretch the binding a bit while attaching it. (I do pin and baste before sewing). It never failed me so far.

I didn't really 'need' these shirts but I dó need a white one. I've been looking for one for quite some time but can't find anything to my liking.  So last week I found a great white knit that will just be perfect for this purpose. The only thing I will change is making shorter sleeves.
So that's gonna be my next project but I won't blog about it as it's just more of the same, but without the colour. 

Happy sewing times everyone!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm blue, da ba dee da ba da

Again, a very quick project. Let's call this the 'blue patchworkdress'.
This knitdress was very simple to sew. It was the first time I tried a pattern from Diana Mode and it does not disappoint at all. I used my normal alterations and it fits perfectly.
The fabric looks like patchwork but is actually printed that way.

I needed a simple pattern to let the fabric speak for itself and somewhat straight lines on the sides to match with the vertical lines in the pattern. I think this one just ticks all the boxes.

I'm gonna wear this with a narrow blue belt (which I still have to buy..) as I want to emphasize the waist a bit more and break the vertical lines which probably make me look longer than I already am.

I made sure the prints matched at the sideseams. As the sideseams are not completely straight it is unavoidable to have a wedge-like part there. But this way it doesn't bother me.

                     The neckline drapes beautifully:


Yep..I'm very content with this.

What I'm not so thrilled about is the august-issue of KnipMode. It just doesn't do anything for me. There's a new lady in charge and I hope this has nothing to do with it (because she'll be there probably for quite some time).

Ah well, let's not jump to conclusions too soon.

Happy sewing everyone!


Friday, July 15, 2011

About sharp scissors and unwanted holes

The title says it all, doesn't it?  This afternoon I experienced the (almost) ultimate disaster you can have while sewing: cutting a hole in your fabric where it shouldn't be.

What happened was: I just finished the first armscye of my knit dress with a binding and was very happy with the result. I wanted to cut of the pieces of thread but I guess in my excitement I didn't pay attention and cut of/out more than I had planned.

What you see in this picture is the situation after I repaired my little accident.(Click twice on the picture to take a closer look). It is little, really, as it's about 1cm by 0,5cm.  But it's still a hole.

This is what I did (no pictures of the process unfortunately, I forgot to make them):
I sewed two little pieces of fusable interfacing against each other, with the fusable sides on the outside, using a few rows of stitches to make sure they were firmly attached and cut out a hole of the same size as the one in the fabric. Then placed it under the fabric. Under that,  I placed a little piece of fabric to fill up the hole. With a few handstitches I attached the three layers to each other so nothing could move.
And then finally fused it all together.

It is in the front of the dress but considering it's about 5cm under the armscye and about 8cm from the sideseam, ít's pretty much hidden.

I don't know how it's gonna behave when I actually start wearing and washing it, but it should do for now. I guess it won't hurt to use some (invisible) handstitches on the edges for extra security.

Next post will show the finished dress (I plan on posting tomorrow) so stay tuned for more!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sometimes, simple is all you need

Dear o dear, this spring/summer has been not very productive for me sewing-wise. Neither have I been a 'good' blogger lately.
The fact is that I've had quite a busy and not so pleasant time at work (thank God that is slowing down lately/getting better) Combine that with the fact that I am an emo-eater, et voilá, you gain a lot of kilo's before you know it. In fact, a few weeks ago I was at the heaviest weight I have EVER been in my life. Time to take action I thought and now I'm trying to eat healthier and less. But it's a slóóów proces.

All this of course has effect on the fitting of your clothes. I'm sad to say that about 75% of my summerclothes has become too small. And that's very annoying, I can tell you. All the lovely skirts I made last year, and some of the blouses, almost all my trousers: TOO SMALL!
And that's where the sewing-mojo-killer comes in: I don't feel like making anything because I feel it doesn't look good on me. My waist has almost disappeared and that has always been the thing that kept everything in proportion, even in times when I weighed a bit more. (That's an age-thing right?)

Anywayz, enough of that. I just wanted to explain why there has been so little action on my blog lately.

Not that I'm not busy making plans. I'm even looking forward to fall sewing already. I've read somewhere that big, wide clothes will be a 'new' trend this fall/winter. Haha, how did they know about my 'condition' I wonder...
No, serious, I always believe that fall/winter fashion is more stylish than spring/summer fashion and I can't wait to dive in. But first I'll have to get my waist back.....

Now, for the title of this post.
A few weeks ago, while doing my shopping in the supermarket, I saw this magazine:


I had never seen it before. Is anyone familiar with this magazine? It is in Dutch.I think it's great. It has a lot of lovely patterns and I was amazed at the fact how I suddenly drooled over these fairly simple, clean-lined garments. Yesterday I picked up another magazine in the supermarket.

'Diana Mode' has been for sale for as long as I can remember but I never looked in it as I thought the garments were too plain. And guess what?? I can't stop flickering through it. Big chance my next projects will be made from one of these magazines.

It's taking forever for the KnipMode august-issue to arrive. Normally they're sent to you in the beginning of the month, now I'll have to wait untill the 15th of July. Another 5 days...sigh. 

Well, it's time for action. I'll have the rest of this sunday to pick something I like and start a new project. I'm ready to fight this mojo-killer with my bare-hands!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cute skirt (KnipMode 04/2011-5)

At least, that's what I think. I loved the pattern from the first time I saw it. I found a very nice fabric for it, Swiss cotton, as the lady in the shop called it. I like the print (African inspired?) and the feel of the fabric very much. I didn't feel like modelling today (sorry) but to give you an idea of the length: the hem just hits my knees.

Now, let the pictures do the talking:

and here's the linedrawing, which shows all the cute details.

I like the little buttons, the way that the pockets are partly hidden behind the outer pleats, the wide waistband, the flare of the skirt and the way it shouts 'summer!'.
I didn't make buttonholes but sewed the buttons on through the two layers of the waistband so the two pieces are connected. Other than that, ánd being decorative of course, they have no function.

Here are some detail-pics:

This was, again, a real quick project.
This evening I cut out a t-shirt from a TNT-pattern. No work for another day, so I should find the time to start and finish it tomorrow.
I'm really in sewing-mode lately. I have plans for another t-shirt and a knit dress. And whatever comes next. It's great to be so creative and productive.

I hope you're all feeling the vibe!