Sunday, November 27, 2011

Meeting fellow-sewists and a white blouse in progress

It has been a whole month since I blogged the last time and that's not something I'm happy with. Having time to blog means (in my book) that there's a good balance between work and 'play'. November has been a month so busy that it's been insane. Not all bad though. On the contrary! I've joined a lovely meeting with fellow-sewists in the weekend of 12/13 November.

Sigrid was so nice to invite me for a weekend full of un and I was happy to join in on sunday. The group had a great weekend with visits to a fashion-exhibition at The Hague and a visit to Amsterdam on saturday. On sunday a trip to the fabric-market at Nieuwegein was planned. And that's where I joined in. (Try to keep me away from a place that sells fabric...duh.)
It has been so much fun and we had a great laugh. And of course we bought fabulous fabric!

Thank you Sigrid, Margaret, Joana, Hilde, Sheila, Samira, Marta, Valerie, Valerie and Clare, for a lovely day. It's been so great meeting you and I'm sure we'll meet again in the future.
Sigrid and Valerie already posted a group-picture so I'm not gonna repeat that, but this picture is rather funny: it's a fabric-avalanche next to where we were sitting.

(The fabric was falling in our direction. I just know that must mean something.....)

So what's been up with the rest of November/sewing?
On my last post about the skirt with the pointy bottom I received some very helpful comments.

Audrey, one of your suggestions was that the fabric might have been stretched at that place and I think that's just what happened. I was trying to get the zipper in as neatly as possible and I remember pulling the fabric a bit when I was ironing it.
The zipper itself could not have been the problem as it's very lightweight and not stiff at all. But the idea that a stiff zipper could have this effect and that interfacing the zipper-area might help to prevent this, are good things to know.
Thanks everyone for your helpful comments!

I made a new skirt with the exact same pattern and there was no problem at all. Lesson learned!

At the moment I'm working on a white blouse. It's a slow project. I started this over 2 weeks ago and it's taking baby-steps to finish it. I really hope I'll have more time to sew once November is over. Today I managed to complete it to the point where there's only buttons/buttonholes left to sew. But that's how far I'll get today as I don't have any matching buttons. So it's web-shopping next for me.



Sigrid said...

Ha Lilian, leuk om weer een berichtje van je te lezen. Ik vond het ook erg leuk om je te ontmoeten en hoop dat we elkaar nog weer eens zien.
Groetjes, Sigrid

valerie said...

Hi Lilian
It was great to meet you,
Valerie (ams)