Saturday, December 3, 2011

White blouse finished

Done!! It felt like it took forever to finish this blouse. I'm glad it's finished so I can start on something new.

But I'm very happy with the end-result.
The pattern is from KnipMode 10/2006.

It's quite a simple, basic blouse, but the pleats just below the collar are a great feature. It is not close-fitting but it's not too loose also. It's just right. I can wear it just like this, tucked in or with a belt. 

The fabric was a remnant I picked up from the market. I bought 3 pieces for the price of € 5. You do the maths!
I love the fact that it's not a see-through fabric. It's hard to find great fabric for a white blouse but this one fits the bill just right.

A closer look at the pleats and collar with stand:

I planned to use 3 smaller buttons to close the cuffs. But the only buttons I could find this week (during the only opportunity I had this week to go shopping) came in one size only, so I had to change my plan and decided to use 2 buttons on the cuffs. 3 of this size would have been too much.
It's ok. But next time I'll try a bit harder to find what I really want, so I can stick to my original plan.

It's hard to decide what I will pick up next. I have a lot of lovely fabric waiting for me and tons of ideas. I'll show you my goodies in a next post. By that time I hope I have decided on my next project, or even better, started on it!



Lisa said...

What a pretty blouse. I like the pleats , they add a special touch.

Aminat said...

Pretty blouse, love the details, and a great fabric

KID, MD said...

I love it! The details are beautiful. Nice stitching!

gwensews said...

I love a white blouse. A girl cannot have too many. Very pretty.

Isabelle said...

That is a beautiful, classy shirt. I love the details.

Faye Lewis said...

If I could make a collar stand like that I'd really be in business.