Sunday, September 25, 2011

...and it's not even my birthday

I don't mean to make you all jealous or anything....but.....well, how shall I put this.....

Ain't this fantastic?! I'm so glad this friend of a friend knew of my sewing or else this would all have ended up in the paperbin. 19 magazines I can add to my already extensive collection of sewingmagazines. There are 17 Burda's (one I read outside and I forgot to bring it in for the picture), 1 Sandra Mode and 1 Easy Fashion. All of them are from the last decade and most are from 2005 to 2010. 

And that's not all:

A huge amount of fabric came home with me too.

I don't want to keep all of it. Some I really like and already have plans for. Some I don't like or the pieces are just too little to do anything with them. A few of them look nice but have a very rough surface. The camel in the right picture is perfect for a coat but I'm not sure about the colour. It's just off from the camel you see a lot for this fall. Maybe I should look upon them as pieces in a fabricstore and decide whether I would wanna buy them or not and take that as a decision whether I want to keep them or not. Good thing I don't have to decide right away.
On the other hand there are a few fantastic pieces for skirts, blouses and jackets and some of it could be used as lining.

I'm really excited about this gift and I'm gonna enjoy the process of thinking through what I want to do with these piles of fabric.

I'm starting to be somewhat of a fabric-hoarder. There's also a delivery on it's way of 4 fabulous fall-fabrics.
There's something exciting about a lot of fabric, waiting to be sewed.
Now all that's left to do is find me some sewingtime. It's got to be somewhere.....



gwensews said...

WOW!! And sorry sister, but I AM jealous! Have a great time with those magazines and fabric. Congratulations!

Sigrid said...

Hallo Lilian,
ik wil je iets vragen, maar kan geen e-mail adres vinden op je blog. Zou je mij een mail willen sturen op isedl at yahoo dot com

Bedankt, Sigrid

evyline alexandra said...

wonderful, you are so lucky! i must admit that i'm jealous :) the magazines and the fabrics are fabulous.. happy sewing!