Saturday, June 25, 2016

Blue and white stripes....what else?

Just a short post to show the second t-shirt I made with the same Ottobre pattern I used for the black-and-white shirt. I just couldn't let the stripe-trend go by without joining it. The fabric I used is maybe a bit too thick for a t-shirt (punta di roma) but all in all it is ok to wear. The stripes are darkblue and cream-coloured.

The sleeve with a piece of elastic sewed on the inside. (My arm isn't as gigantic in real life as in this picture haha....)

Making this shirt was not exactly a pleasant journey. About everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I even forgot to match the stripes at the sideseams when cutting the fabric. So I was very, very lucky that they did match after all. You want to be hasty and then you forget the most basic things...
At first I finished the neckline the same way I did with the black-and-white shirt, but that resulted in a disaster. No matter how hard I pulled the binding, it was just too stiff to lay flat. I guess that's what Punta di Roma does for you... So I removed it and opted for a facing, using a piece of interfaced cotton. And that went on just fine.
But this was one of those moments you want to throw everything in the bin.

These are still projects I made a while ago. I desperately want to show some new stuff but I haven't found the time yet, nor the energy, to be productive sewingwise.
In four weeks I'll be off from work for 5 weeks! One of the perks of working in the school-branch!
There should be more action in the sewingroom then. Well, that's the plan anyway.

For now, have a lovely weekend everyone!


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Checkered Love

This fabric was bought with the idea of making a T-shirt. But I felt that just a plain T-shirt was not enough to do it justice. So I chose a pattern from an Ottobre magazine I've used before 2 times.
A few years back I tried this pattern and was pleasantly surprised by the great instant fit. No pattern-alterations were needed at the time. What I particularly like about it is the detail on the sleeve. It's actually very simple: there's a little dart at the top of the sleeve. When you sew this together, at the same time you sew over a stretched piece of elastic. Et voilá!
Simple, yet effective. I've taken a picture of the sleeve but it's close to impossible to get a clear picture. The linedrawing however is pretty clear. I don't remember if I altered the neckline when I used this pattern for the first time but mine is not as wide as it appears in the drawing.

I've already worn this shirt multiple times so that makes it a winner in my book.

The only thing I'm slightly worried about is that the fabric may stretch a bit over time. It doesn't feel like there's lycra or elasthan in it so that might be a problem. One of the reasons why this piece of clothing will not see the inside of my washing-machine. This will be handwashed carefully and with love. Like I do with many of my selfmade clothes.

While I still have a few things to show you, I'm already thinking about a new project. A white blouse was on top of my list but today I remembered a piece of fabric that would be perfect for a top that I've sewn recently. Just have to check out if there's enough fabric to work with. If not, than the white blouse will probably be the next thing that will be made. And agáin, I will use a TNT-pattern for that. Wow. I hate tracing new patterns and I seem to have found a way to get round it. This is a habit that needs to be broken if I want to try out new things.
But for now, it's a way of starting up a new project quickly so I'll stay addicted a little bit longer.
There are worse things I can do.

Talk to you soon.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Nice one!!

Today I received an email about my blog's activity on Bloglovin and it turns out that I now have 100 followers. The last time I checked it was about 80 so I was pleasantly surprised. And such a nice round number too :-)
In comparison to other blogs this is maybe not much of a deal, but to me it's wonderful!
100 persons believing that my blog is worth reading, or at least worth checking out. That's just amazing.

So a big, big THANK YOU to everyone following my blog on Bloglovin!!
You are the best!


Saturday, June 11, 2016

While I was away...

While I was away, I have been sewing. Not blogging, but yeah..sewing. Because my dear readers, the sewing mojo seems to be back in my life. How great is that! The only problem is, and will be for who knows when: finding time to sew.
With a heavy workschedule, and having to deal with householdstuff, garden etc. by myself, I find it hard to find time to sit behind the sewing-machine. But I managed to squeeze in moments to do some summer-sewing.

My fabricstash is not very big and I love to go to fabricmarkets to add new beauties to the pile. Recently I spend a few hours on a big fabricmarket that was held near my town. And I was very pleased with the fabrics on offer. So many great fabrics I could see myself working with. But I managed to narrow it down to these 5 pieces.

The two black-and-whites in the middle already are turned into T-shirts.
With the lycra zebra-print (don't you just love it!!) I made a skirt.
The light fabric in the bottom on the left, will be a nice, longer cardigan with draped pockets. A nice throw-on for cooler summerdays.

The pink-ish cotton fabric I bought with the idea of making a skirt. The pattern was already chosen but I have my doubts now. Serious doubts. And as long as those doubts are there, no scissors will come near it. It's way too beautiful to mess it up.
Today the July-issue of KnipMode will arrive, maybe I'll find some pattern that will be a good match for this fabric.

I follow KnipMode on Facebook and Instagram and there are some really mixed emotions about the patterns they design. For me, there are still enough nice things to choose from in every issue, so I'm not complaining. It's Always nice when the new issue is due and I'm looking forward to a nice afternoon-read. Altough there is shopping to do, washing, cleaning the house and, if the rain will stop, gardenduties.

I hope to post my new wardrobe-additions very soon.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Friday, April 8, 2016

A perfect match


To complete the combo: this is the denim-skirt. Just a simple over-the-knee pencilskirt, with a nice detail at the bottom. I've used the inside of the fabric to make a contrasting band at the bottom and the white, frilly edge of the fabric to sew between top and bottom, so it contrasts with the light- and darkblue of the fabric.
This is not a completely new idea. I've made this same skirt years ago and I remember wearing it a lot. So I thought, why not remake something that once was very useful and succesful in my wardrobe. Denim can be worn with a lot of other pieces which makes it a great wardrobe-partner.
Besides that, denim is great to sew with.
I am very happy with this combo and I already wore it on different occasions. It's great for work.
(I just wish my boots weren't behaving so badly. They are blue, which I love, and when I don't wear them they are long and have a smooth line. But when I put them on and walk a few meters, the top starts to fall down and gives them/my legs an ugly silhouette. I keep pulling them up but without success.. @%&$).


These pictures are pretty washed-out but you get the idea.


This actually is the first time I post a picture in which I wear glasses. I've worn contactlenses since I was 19 years old, which makes it....uhmm...30 years now. The last year they were playing up horribly. I got new lenses but it got even worse. They were all misty and foggy, no matter how many times I cleaned them. My eyes got verry irritated and dry. At one point I put them in before I got to work and by 9am I already had to take them out cause my eyes were just hurting. So I decided to say goodbye to lenses and started wearing glasses again. I'm glad I did! And now I want my hair longer....

Anyways, tomorrow the new KnipMode will be delivered in my mailbox. I wonder if I can be inspired by it to make something new. The long-awaited sewingmojo is still nowhere to be seen. Nowhere. Just don't know when or where I lost it.

But let's nót end on a sad note.
The weekend has started so I hope you all have a great time. Enjoy it!


Monday, March 28, 2016

KnipMode August 2008 - Top 3b Again.

Wow. Has it really been 5 months since my last post?? I just don't know what to say. Working fulltime does take up most of my time, but there are still moments I could have written a little post and showed you some pictures.
Now that we're enjoying the Easter-weekend (I also had a day off from work on Friday) I feel that it's time (or should I say I háve the time?) to show you what I've been up to sewing-wise. Luckily I made the pictures earlier or else there probably wouldn't have been a post at all today...

KnipMode August 2008 - Top 3b
This is my third attempt to make this sweater. The first one I made (seen here) got great response on my blog. (The picture was even shown on someone else's blog and I found out it got on pinterest) But unfortunately the fabric felt horrible on the skin and I never wore it.
Then I tried again in a white soft knit. But that turned out to be rather see-through, so I never wore that one either. Sad but true.
Now....for this last one: Can I tell you I just love it? I've worn it already many times. I guess it's true what they say: three times lucky!

The real star in this design of course is the collar.
At one end the collar is sewn with gathers to the v-shaped neckline, and goes through a hole at the other end. The collar is basically a rectangular with a straight end (the gathered one) and a pointy end.
In this picture you see a close-up of the gathered end of the collar and the hole through which the other end of the collar is pulled.

The fabric is quite thick and there's a lót of fabric going on in the back of the collar but with the 4 pleats (both in and outside) it's manageable. (It doesn't look as neat as I wanted it but it was hard to pull the whole lot through the sewing-machine and keeping all the pleats in place at the same time).

I also finished the denim skirt and that turned out great as well. But that's for a next post.
So, I've sewn a few bits. But my sewing-mojo is nowhere to be seen at the moment. I have another skirt that's not finished yet and I think I started that about 5 weeks ago. But today is gonna be the day that I will finish pick it up and do some work. It's definitely meant to be worn in colder times, so if I don't hurry up I won't be able to wear it before fall.
First lunch, and then hop,hop,hop to the sewingroom!!

Enjoy your day!