Friday, July 15, 2011

About sharp scissors and unwanted holes

The title says it all, doesn't it?  This afternoon I experienced the (almost) ultimate disaster you can have while sewing: cutting a hole in your fabric where it shouldn't be.

What happened was: I just finished the first armscye of my knit dress with a binding and was very happy with the result. I wanted to cut of the pieces of thread but I guess in my excitement I didn't pay attention and cut of/out more than I had planned.

What you see in this picture is the situation after I repaired my little accident.(Click twice on the picture to take a closer look). It is little, really, as it's about 1cm by 0,5cm.  But it's still a hole.

This is what I did (no pictures of the process unfortunately, I forgot to make them):
I sewed two little pieces of fusable interfacing against each other, with the fusable sides on the outside, using a few rows of stitches to make sure they were firmly attached and cut out a hole of the same size as the one in the fabric. Then placed it under the fabric. Under that,  I placed a little piece of fabric to fill up the hole. With a few handstitches I attached the three layers to each other so nothing could move.
And then finally fused it all together.

It is in the front of the dress but considering it's about 5cm under the armscye and about 8cm from the sideseam, ít's pretty much hidden.

I don't know how it's gonna behave when I actually start wearing and washing it, but it should do for now. I guess it won't hurt to use some (invisible) handstitches on the edges for extra security.

Next post will show the finished dress (I plan on posting tomorrow) so stay tuned for more!


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Ruta said...

Well done! If You didn`t point on it, I couldn`t even notice. And luckily this is not the light solid material, so ... still went good.
About the Simp.Naaimode - this is the same magazine (now translated to Dutch) that was published last summer in Germany (full of OOP`s of Simplicity and New Look patterns). Last year they gave it out 2x, this year already 4x. Was success! I hope they do the same in Holland, too. Good rate between the price and the content!