Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pencil skirt

Sunday I finished the pencilskirt. From the front it looks absolutely fine:

From the back, with the right lighting, it does look fine too:

From an angle, I almost have a 'sexy booty'. Almost.

Then why, oh why, does it look like this from the side:

Problem: just at the point where the zipper ends (in the back) there's a ditch. I can't figure out why this is occurring. When placing the zipper I basted the hell out of it, just to make sure it wouldn't look messy. I even sewed the point at the bottom by hand to make sure it looked neat. And it worked. The zipper is sewed in to my liking.
The fabric is not pulling at that point. I made sure the fit of this skirt was comfortable (and it is!!).  When you look back at the second picture and you take a closer look at the bottom of the zipper, you see an horizontal line that's not supposed to be there. And just below that line there's that wretched ditch!  It may not look all that terrible to you, but believe me, it's really annoying and taking the pleasure out of wearing this skirt.

If anyone has ideas or tips how to solve this, or how to avoid this in the future, they would be more than welcome.

It's not all bad though. The fit is great. I love the fabric and apart from this little mishap, I think it turned out just fine. But I don't know if I would wear it in this state. Or I should wear something on top that's long enough to cover that area. Hey, that's an idea!!

Anywayz, hope you have better sewing-luck.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Funny coincidence

Hi all,

For those wondering: I'm still here.
Sewing has been superslow lately. My mojo goes up and down like a ferris-wheel, but it's more down than up I'm afraid. However, yesterday I picked up a new project, a pencil skirt. It's not very interesting. Just a simple skirt. Plan is to finish it today. Pictures promised.

But telling you this is actually not the main reason why I decided to blog today. No, it's a movie I saw on television: 'Down with love', with Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. It was a gorgeous movie. If it was not for the actors or the feel-good factor of the movie, than it was because of the great, great 60's fashion that is displayed throughout. They really make a fashion-stand in that movie. Wow!!

And much to my surprise, Renée is wearing this in the opening-scene:

Why to my surprise? Because in the big pile of fabrics I got from someone recently, there's this fabric (tape-measure is in centimeters):

Ha!! If that isn't a coincidence...

But for those who love 60's fashion just as much as me, I must disappoint you. There's not going to be a garment made of this fabric in my wardrobe any time soon, for the feel of the fabric is horrendous. It has a very, coarse surface. I haven't washed it yet (and don't know whether the previous owner did) but that's something I can try before I dismiss it altogether. It would be a shame if I had to because it's a lovely fabric to look at and would make a lovely.....hmmm let's see......pencil-skirt. Yep, again.

That's all folks! I must lie down now for I'm feeling rather dizzy. That happened to me also a few weeks ago. Probably an age-thing? Oh well...