The fruits of my sewcation - #1 Pink cardigan

Last week I was enjoying a much needed vacation, which in fact has been a sewcation, just as planned. The muscles in my neck and back are sore from sitting in an unhealthy position. (Note to self: must do something about that position!) I managed to sew a cardigan, a skirt, a dress and I took some time on pants-fitting. Each item will get its own blogpost because I’ve decided that, apart from informing (inspiring?) you, I want this blog to be a documentation of what I have sewn.
So let’s start with the cardigan in a fuchsiapink, very pretty lace jersey. (Here you can read about the first time I made this cardigan.)
The colour is almost a neon pink, but surprisingly enough it is totally wearable and I like it on me.
Here I'm wearing it with a lilac tanktop.  A colourful combination! 

without the belt (I prefer it closed though...)
I’m still on the fence about wether I like it as a garment  In other words: if I will wear it or not.
The major problem with this pink cardigan is that the f…

KnipMode - extra edition Spring/Summer 2019 - Wrap top (2x)

For many years my motto was: ‘Why use a pattern more than once, if you have so many nice patterns to choose from? Life is too short!’  I just never did. All the patterns I tried were thrown away after using them. (I’m talking about the patterns I traced on paper, the patternsheets I still own.)
Now I just don’t get what I was thinking back then. If now I find a pattern that I like and ,with a few (or a lot) alterations, finally fits me well, to me it’s a blessing I can use that pattern again without any fitting-hassle. I must have had unrestrained energy in those days, that I was not afraid to ‘reinvent the wheel’, over and over again. Or I must not have had many fitting-issues…hmm…that’s probably it.
This pattern has been on my want-to-make list ever since it appeared in Knipmode. Now I finally got round to making it. Not once, but twice! And I see more of them coming in the foreseeable future. The top fits nicely (after alterations), is easy to put together and is a great addition to m…

KnipMode 2016/09-7 Cardigan

Normally this is a chronological blog, but with this cardigan I'm breaking that rule. This was already made in december. Animal print is a trend that has been here for a while and is probably not going anywhere soon. I still have to get used to wearing it and feel very selfconscious if I do. Especially when half of my body is covered in it. But it was not made to hang in the closet so today I was 'brave' and wore it to work. At least, it's perfect for casual friday.
It is a simple pattern and a simple make. I took my time with the front- and necklineband.
The only thing I changed was the armscye. The sleeves are put in at a lower point but the pattern has curved lines as if it has to accomodate for the shoulderpoint so it was almost inevitable that after putting in the sleeve, a bump on the upperarm occurred.  If the sleeve starts that low on the arm, you can just as well get away with a straight seam. Good thing I check the fity my projects, numerous times in between…

Mini fabric haul

In my earlier years of sewing I didn't have a fabricstash. I bought 1, 2 or max 3 pieces and sewed them up, before I bought other fabric.
Then the internet came and I started reading about other sewists who bought lots and lots of fabrics. Pictures of enormous made my mouth water....and yes I must admit, influenced me!
Slowly but surely I started buying more and more. You could say that's where my addiction started. My plans couldn't catch up with the need want of new fabric so I started buying without a plan. And that was a mistake. If I look at my stash now I see some pieces that have been there forever. And guess what? Exactly! Those were the ones I bought without any idea of what to do with them. I came to the realisation that that was just not the way to go for me. So nowadays I'm back to planning most of my fabricpurchases. Trying to be sensible about it. (I'll make an exception for pieces out of the remnant bin though....) It doesn't …

KnipMode 2017/12-10 Culotte

Yesterday I finally finished the culotte on which I have been working on and off for a few weeks now and that has been on my sewing-wishlist for quite some time. In fact it has been there ever since this pattern was published in December 2017.
The fabric I bought at a fabric market and at the time I forgot to ask what kind of fabric it is but I’m pretty sure there’s polyester in it. (I should do the ‘burn-test’!) The weight is heavy and that's a very good thing for this design, because it elongates the pleats in the front which makes all that extra width stay in place.
The original design has a paperbag-waist. I would never wear it like that (don’t need all that extra bulk at my waist) and decided to eliminate the piece above the waistline.It’s a loose fitting design (and very comfortable to wear!) so I could get away with my normal size 46 and had to add just a little bit at the sideseams at the waist. I didn’t make the fabric tie belt either. I’ll be using a small store-bought …


(Disclaimer: the following is based on my opinion only, it’s about what I think and feel about Knipmode. I respect it’s not the same for everyone)
Sewingfriends, an era has come to an end. Actually it already ended in the fall of 2019, when my KnipMode subscription expired and I decided, with a heavy heart, not to renew it.
How it began Back in 1993 one of my aunts visited me. She had been sewing for most of her life and was damn good at it. Many bridal gowns in the family were made by her. She also sewed a lot for my mother and she made my communion dress. I have vivid memories of how pretty I felt that day. Now 45 years later, it’s still hanging in a closet because I just can't part with it.  Anyways, we were chatting over coffee and she asked if I was interested to subscribe to KnipMode. In those days I bought a copy occasionally but I liked the idea of getting it on a regular basis, so I subscribed. Around 2005 I got a bit bored with the style of the patterns and ended my subscrip…

Raglan sleeve sweater

My first sewingproject of the year 2020 is finished and it’s a raglan sleeve sweater. The original pattern I’ve used is from KnipMode December 2013. Original, because I made quite some changes.

In the picture below you can see the original linedrawing of this pattern. See those curved seams? The front and back bodypiece do have this curved seamline (second picture), but the sleeves do not. They're straight at that point. Anyone who has been sewing for a while knows that when you sew a curved and a straight seam together, you create depth. The fabric is no longer laying flat. And that’s exactly what happened when I made this sweater some years ago. Front and back, left and right.

I remember I took some time trying to fix it but for some reason I never really succeeded, so that sweater ended up never being worn. Last year I wanted to give it another go and I smoothed out the line of the front and back bodypiece. That did the trick, as was to be expected. No strange bulges at places…