Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One-way ticket to Wadderville?

Yesterday I started on this project:

It's a rendez-vous (Burda Febr 2009 / 123) as I made it before, you can see that in this link (scroll down to the bottom of that post for a nice picture).

Piece of cake, I thought. Not!
The thing is that the fabric is behaving very badly. On top of that my serger is behaving even more badly, if that's possible. And as for me? I was being far too hasty and impatient, thinking I could do this one with my eyes closed, so I made a few mistakes.
I said to myself that nothing would get me down and I would finish this in a good way. But there's only so much one can take.
At a certain point I decided that enough is enough. And I took a step back, looked at it and decided I was not going to let this ruin my happy-holiday-sewing-mood and this blouse just wasn't for now. Maybe I'll pick it up again at one time but now I'm gonna concentrate on (sewing)things that make me happy.

This picture of the right frontpiece (the small curve in the upper right corner is the armscye) doesn't show all the 'wrongs' but the one you can see is obvious enough, right? As far as I know the front has to be a smooth line and not a ruffled one.

It's just such a shame that this fabric was/is so lovely and I had such high hopes for it. Been looking at it in my stash and dreaming about it for ages.
Ah well, stuff happens. Moving on!

There might even be a little fall-SWAP lurking around the corner. Now isn't that exciting?


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Eugenia said...

Sometimes it seems that tricky fabric brings out the very worst in a serger. Sooooo frustrating!!! Definitely only to be resumed when you are in the right mood.