Friday, August 19, 2011

Dress from another century.

When I took these pictures I considered this dress finished. After looking at the pictures I think I might have to squeeze in one more bit of sewing. More about that later.
First pictures.

It's too dressy to call it casual. It's probably best worn in the office. But that's just fine. The pattern is quite old, it's from KnipMode April 1996. Would you call this vintage? How old should a pattern be before you can call it vintage? Well, vintage or not, I like this one quite a lot. It's a timeless design and it was very easy to make.
The fabric is from my stash. I think it's a blend of linen and cotton, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it was a joy to sew with and it's a joy to wear, so it must be something good.

Below, the picture in the magazine. While going through my old KnipModes over the years, this picture always caught my attention. There's no particular reason why I didn't make this dress sooner but I'm glad I finally got round to it. (Click twice on the image to get a better view of the linedrawing).

This dress almost wasn't to be. I made a mistake while measuring the width of the waist. I measured the waist of the top and considered it okay for my size. I forgot however to read the instructions which tell you to take in that waist with elastic, and thén attach it to the skirt. So the waistline of the skirt is just as wide as the top with the elastic in. And that was way too small for me. Problem was that I already cut out the backskirt so I had to make do with that piece. (There was not enough left to cut it out again). I saved the project by placing the pattern for the skirt lower on the fabric, to the point where the waist was wide enough to match the upperbody. This took out some of the length of the skirt but it was still long enough.
At that point I was measuring and checking again and again, to make sure nothing would go wrong anymore. And that paid off.
(By the way, the skirt was cut on the bias which makes it hang very nicely)

What I think I still need to do is put some elastic in the waist to get the bit of extra width it still has, to spread out more evenly. Now the folds are a bit disordered and all over the place. (They seem to concentrate where the belt-loops are placed).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I put in shoulderpads. Yes! Shoulderpads. Seems to be a sin in fashion these days but seeing as I have almost no shoulders myself (ok, now I'm exaggerating) and this is a pattern with broader shoulders (it's a nineties-pattern, what would you expect?) I think it's just fine to do so.


Alright, what's next. I've been talking about a SWAP. But I don't think you can call a collection of 3 items a SWAP. That would be like saying you can swim if you're able not to drown in the bathtub.
So I won't talk about the S-word again and just tell you what my next plans are. For that you'll have to read my next post. I'm planning on posting this weekend so stay tuned and sew happily!



sdBev said...

WOW I would not have known you made a mistake. The length is perfect for you. You're right this is a great, timeless fashion.

Oh I'm one of the shoulderless. I need shoulder pads. I do use a much smaller, usually 1/4" pad.

Kimminita said...

Gorgeous! Oh and vintage is over 25 years old. And retro is a redo of something vintage ;D Tool me a while to learn that.

Eugenia said...

I think this dress looks like it has no mistakes at all. The style is very 'office chic' but would also look very lovely dressed up for an evening out.

Audrey said...

This style is so classic, I would not have know the pattern was old until you mentioned it. The fit is great, and you can assesorize it to look casual or dressy.

gwensews said...

That is a wonderful shirt-waist, which never goes out of style. You can wear that same style in another 15 years and it will still be fresh and new.

WeLoveSewing said...

I remember that picture well although I don't have the Knip magazine anymore. I also just saw some polka dot fabric, so may just have to make something similar too....

SEWN said...

I love this dress. Very classic.