Friday, December 17, 2010

Simple but satisfying

Last sunday I really surprised myself. I sewed this sweater in a few hours. It took me forever to finish the brown skirt but it felt like my fun in sewing had returned. I must be honest and tell you that I haven't touched the sewingmachine since, but I'm still planning new things.

Alright, let's talk about the sweater:

The (TNT-)pattern is from an old KnipMode. I don't even remember which one. Basically it's very simple. It has raglan-sleeves and a cowl-neck. And that's that. It would probably take some of you less than an hour to make, but I'm just not that quick.
It's not particularly pretty or interesting, but I'm very glad with it all the same.

It's hard to tell with this fabric but these are really raglan-sleeves. The picture is really deceiving as it looks like it's a 'normal' set-in sleeve.

The fabric has a bit of stretch sideways. It needs to be worn with a shirt underneath to keep you warm as it's not really a tight-woven material.
(In other words, the wind is blowing right through it...)
But for indoors this is a great sweater.

Most of the time I sew working-clothes, suitable to wear in an office, but this is really comfy homewear. I should sew this stuff more often!

And now for an update on the weather.

Winter came early this year. It came again yesterday and it will be here for quite a while I'm afraid. I háte cold weather and slippery roads. I love however pretty snow-pictures.
The midst of our country had some pretty heavy snowfall to deal with today, which meant: total chaos on the roads. I wonder what we will be getting here in the south later on.
I'm glad I only had an appointment at the hairdressers and was able to do my weekend-shopping. If everything goes to plan, I don't have to leave my house again until monday-morning.

Lowieke was outside this morning for about 2,5 minutes before he begged me to come back in. I think this pretty topmodel deserves a big picture this time. Isn't he júst adorable?! I tell you, this cat speaks with his eyes...

Stay warm everyone and have a great weekend!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sweet brown sugar

Hello again...
It's been a bit quiet on my blog lately. Lets just say my sewing-mojo had hit rock-bottom. Not in the last place because life was throwing some worries at me and it felt like they kept coming. I guess I've overcome most of them. For now. 
After my last project I started with this skirt. But I just couldn't find the motivation to work on it. And that's when I decided that I would stop sewing until my mojo would return and don't feel guilty about it. Without forcing it. Well it's returning. Slowly. But it's returning. I didn't feel like blogging too. Nevertheless I've read and enjoyed all your great posts in the meantime.

I guess we are all entitled to some kind of 'time off' from sewing every now and then, right? I'm sure we all feel that way sometimes.

Nevertheless I'm glad that I finally have something to show you. This skirt is from KnipMode october 2010. Here's the linedrawing to show you the details that my picture doesn't show:

The fabric is a wonderful soft ribcord. it makes me think of brown sugar, hence the title of this post.

I had some difficulties to get the ruffles in the right place. But that's about all that was difficult about this skirt. It's obviously not a very complicated pattern and that's certainly not the reason why it took me so long to finish.

One more picture, but now with black boots:

Though it's been ages since they were written, I'd still like to thank everyone for their comment on my dress in my last post. All your tips to accessorize the dress in a more modern way are very much appreciated and helpful. Most important of all, your comments made me feel that the dress is nice, and as I wasn't sure about that, that was the nicest thing you could do!

Maria asked a question in her comment :
I have been trying to figure out if it is possible to back order previous issues of Knip mode. Unfortunately my dutch isn't that good... Do you know if it is possible, and where do I place an order? Thanks!!
Well Maria, I tried to figure this out for you. As fas as I can see on the website of Knipmode, they don't sell any old magazines, just loose patterns. But you could try to send them an email to find out more. Just ask your question in English, I'm sure they have no problem with that.

* Questions to Knipmode editorial office:
* Knipmode service abroad:  (For questions about subscriptions from countries other than the Netherlands and Belgium.)

I hope this is helpful!

Now....let's see...what's next on my sewinglist.
There's a big piece of purple boucle in my stash that screams: WARM SWEATER WITH HUGE COWL-NECK!  And if there's one thing I need at the moment it's warm sweaters. Or anything warm for that matter. Since the temperatures have dropped in our country, I seem to be hypothermic all the time.
I have an old TNT-pattern already traced out, so it's time to start cutting the fabric and serging.
Should be a quick project. Oh wait, let's be careful with that remark....   ;-)

Have a very nice weekend everyone. I hope your sewing-mojo is blossoming like never before!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dress KnipMode 2010-10 / 103 finished

Finally my dress is finished. I have mixed feelings about it to be honest. There are good things and there are bad things. Or sort of bad. First some pictures:

 This is the linedrawing:

 First what I like:
- The construction.
- I love the fact that i't's a wrap-dress.
- I like the placement of the pleats.

What I don't like:
- The fabric. Now you will probably think: "..then why did you buy it?...". That's a fair question and I don't really have the answer. I liked it when I bought it but once it was a dress I could think only one thing: GRANNY'S DRESS. I think it's the fact that there's quite some brown in the print. I bought it actually for the purple but now it looks like the brown colour is the dominant one. Well, nothing I can change about that but it's a serious issue for me.
- The fact that the collar in the back is strangely constructed. They make you pleat the collar in the back and then fold over the cut-on facing. Only, the facing is way too narrow. It doesn't cover up the inside of the collar at all. I folded it so that at least in the middle I could attach the facing to the seam where the collar is attached to the back. But that way I'm forcing the collar in a way that it's not supposed to and that shows, at least on the inside. Luckily it doesn't really show on the outside but it's just looking strange on the inside. I can't figure out what I did wrong so I guess it's a fault in the pattern. Can happen.

If I would make this dress again than I would lower the waist only 2 cm and not my usually 4 cm.  (And fix that collarproblem of course!).

More pictures:

                 The draping at the neck              

Mid-centre backseam of the collar

I think I can save this dress with the right accessories. The kind Granny wouldn't wear.
Some darkbrown velvet high-heeled boots would be great. Mmm....time to go shopping then.
That's it for now. I'm far from productive, sewing-wise. I hope things will take a turn for the better soon.
At least now I can go planning for my next project. I have various options and will let you know soon what I decided.
For now, have a very nice weekend everyone!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New fabric and a great KnipMode-idea

Yesterday I went to a special fabric-fair close to my hometown. A big one and only held a few times in a year. I had a busy agenda but I managed to spend 1,5 hour there. I saw some great fabrics. It was a pity that the weather didn't cooperate (lots of rain!) but that meant there weren't too many people about so no pushing and waiting for your turn. It wasn't good though for the market traders. And boy, were they complaining. I mean, a lot!

But I went home with a very, very happy face. Here are my goodies:

A purple bouclé. Soft and great for a vest. (Don't mind the 20 cm-zipper). The fabric is more purple than shown in this picture.
A beautiful jersey with a print and velvet pattern. The background of the print is black, not grey. The black stripes are the velvet parts. Great dress-fabric.

These two fabrics just belong together. They 'complete each other', so to speak. The darkgrey fabric is a very soft knit, perfect for a top and the houndstooth is a jeansfabric, for a pencilskirt. I love pencilskirts!

 A quite simple, darkblue knit. Great top-material.

You can't go wrong with a thinly striped jersey. If it could speak the fabric would say: I want to be a casual top. Please?

This is a jeans fabric. The lighter grey spots are actually darker, but they're a bit shiny, so I guess that's why the camera lights them up a bit. This is also gonna be a pencilskirt. Well, what can I say..I'm a secretary. Got to live up to the expecations, right?

That's all the fabric that came home with me. The bags became too heavy and my time was limited. But I am very happy with my purchases and have a whole lot of new inspiration and ideas to dream about.

If someone is wondering what happened to the knitdress I was making? Well, this post was supposed to be about that dress but it's not finished yet. Almost, but not completely. And it has some serious issues. In my next post I'll share them with you.

And now.....can I have a drumroll please?......

KnipMode december 2010 has a big poster in the middle of the magazine displaying ALL the linedrawings from the 2010-magazines. Sorted by dresses, jackets, trousers, tops etc. It's an amazing and wonderful idea.
Just think about it: you're looking for a nice jacket. Take a look at the poster and within 15 seconds you have scanned all the patterns of jackets of 2010. Just take your pic.
Now, does that save time or what!


Have a nice weekend.Talk to you again soon.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Skirt finished

Burda 2010-09 / 106B

Phewww...that was a lot of handsewing. But it was worth every stitch. I'm really pleased with this skirt.
In the picture I combined the skirt with my 'Vincent'-top, ánd my new boots.
It's just a pity that the picture won't show the details. And believe me, I took a zillion pictures of me wearing it. Trying different light, flashlight - no flashlight, but it just wouldn't work. A close-up of a flat skirt however will do the trick (colour is a bit washed-out, due to my camera not doing what I want it to do):

And an even closer close-up:

And this is me, posing as a real model, LOL. (Makes the skirt look a bit awkward though....):

The inside is not really interesting but just to show you that I lined the skirt completely:

This was the last of  4 (!) posts about this skirt. So that will do.
Time to look foward.

I already mentioned I'm thinking of making a knit-dress next. I have three great knit-fabrics, especially bought for dresses so I'd better get this party started.


Blogger is really doing my head in. If I upload 1 picture, I can only upload the next if I first close my account and then reopen it. And so on..
Does anyone of you have (had) the same experience, and were you able to do something about it? I'd love to hear because this is utterly annoying.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Slow sewing and learning to love it

Just as I predicted, it has been a busy week with no time or desire to blog or sew. But today I have the day off and, even better, the coming week I'm free from work also! That means no more excuses to not work on the skirt.

I'm sewing this skirt really one step at a time and I'm beginning to love working that way. Most of the time I'm in a hurry to finish so I can start something new. Now I feel like I'm putting my time and love in this project just to get it as perfect in the end as possible.
Another thing is that I'm thinking more about the process. How to solve problems and how to do things. How I want it to be and what I'd like to change to get there.
And I must say that all your blogs have been the reason why I've started thinking about sewing like this lately. There's so much love for fabric, patterns and the process of sewing out there. It's just such a big, big inspiration. Thanks!

I guess you now want to know where I stand with my skirt, right? Then take a look at this:

(Don't let the machinestitches fool you. I did not take the easy way out. I wouldn't dare!)

I'm at the point where the fun starts: sewing on the embroidery. I had to decide how big I wanted the stitches to be and how far apart from each other.  And think of a way to make sure that all the stitches were of the same length.
And this is the solution:  I used a big stitch on my machine to use as a guideline. I tried out some different lengths and found one I liked. The dark lines are done with a marker. At the top on the right is the version I like best. On the bottom you see the what it's gonna like like afther the white stitches are removed. The length of the white stitches is 4 mm. The grey stitches will have the length of 2 white stitches, then skip one white stitch, and so on. They will be placed as close to the white stitches as possible.

I used the same stitch-length (obviously....duh!) to sew around hems and slits, 2,5 cm from the edge. The 'point' of the stitches sits also 2,5 cm above the top of the slit.  Et voila, my guideline is finished and now I can easily sew the real stitches.

I hemmed the skirt invisible, by hand. I think I've done miles and miles of hemming this way in my life.

This is how I handled the corners at the slits. I'm sure there's a way to do this more couture-like but there will be a lot of coverage from the lining so this will be just fine.
The diagonal and vertical seam is also handsewn but you can't see the stitches.

I have serious doubts about the lining I have bought for this. The fabric of the skirt has quite some stretch and it does really stretch when you put it on. So it's probably better to choose a lining with stretch as well.

So, all in all there's not very much progression, but I should have more time now to work on it. And I will. Step-by-step, with a lot of love..  And after this:  a knit dress! Yummie!!

Have a very nice weekend everyone! It's gonna be genuine fall-weather over here, so time to curl up on the sofa under a warm blanket!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Progress on the skirt

Today I worked a bit more on my skirt. It's coming along nicely.
But before I tell you about the progress, I'd like to answer Gail's question on my previous post. She asked:

Are there no side seams - hence the zip in the back panel?
A: Thanks for your comment, Gail. No, there are no sideseams. The skirt has only 4 vertical seams and those are the ones you see in the front and the back. The fabric goes around the hip in one piece, so to speak. This means that the zipper has to be placed off-centre.

Of course I made a few obligatory mistakes and some things just didn't work right away. The zipper for example. I'm practising at the moment to sew an invisible zipper but I've only just started so it's not working perfectly. And untill the day it will be, I'm sticking to what I know: an ordinary, good-old-fashioned zipper. It's always a challenge to make it look right. But after two attempts, it's up to my standards and I'm very pleased with it.

The fact that the zipper is at an 'odd' place means it's gonna attract more attention than when it's put in the centre- or sideseam. That's why I was a bit nervous about the outcome. But there was no need to worry. I can see that now.

This is the backside of the skirt. Apart from the zipper on the left side, it's the same as the front. EXACTLY the same, because the patternpieces for the front are also used for the back. You could wear this skirt with the zipper in the front, it wouldn't have any effect on the fit.

I'm pretty chuffed with this perfect seam-matching:

Now I'm gonna focus on the 4 slits. They are of course what this skirt is all about. I'm gonna follow the instruction to put some embellishment around the seam and bought some embroidery yarn, in a colour as close to the colour of the skirt as possible. I want it to be a subtle detail.


So what's next on this skirt's worklist?:
  1. Fold the seamallowance and baste it into place.
  2. Decide how deep I want the slits to be and reinforce the seams at the top of the slits.
  3. Baste around the seam and slits.
  4. Unpick the closed slits
  5. Sew the seamallowances in place. This has to be done invisible, I don't want any stitches clashing with my embroidery of course.
  6. Embroider exactly 2,5 or 3 cm (?? haven't decided yet) along the seams and slits, just like it's done on the model
  7. Prepare the lining. (I want a complete lining for this skirt)
  8. Sew the lining to the topside of the skirt and fold it inwards.
  9. Hem the lining all around and handstitch to the seamallowances of the skirt.
  10. A final pressing....and DONE !

I'm well on my way with this one and I hope I can bring it to the finish. What seemed like a rather simple skirt turns out to be quite a handfull....

Speaking of handfulls: 

Let's just say, he approved of the skirt   (.......)

Have a nice weekend y'all!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear skirt, don't make me hate you!

Finally, this evening, I had some time to start on my skirt. After 1,5 week of very long and exhausting workdays, I was completely ready for some relaxing sewingtime.
The fabric was cut out yesterday so I could start with sewing right away. Here's a little reminder. I'm making version B:

Burda 2010-09 / 106


It took me about half an hour to get my serger threaded. It just wouldn't work and my fingers were quite stiff today which didn't help either. Then, no matter how I changed the tension on the different threads, the serged side kept pulling, making it about 1,5 cm shorter than it should be. After an hour  I had only serged the side of one little piece and was far from happy with it. Aarrrgghhh.....
I decided to turn my back on the serger and check out how my sewingmachine behaved with this fabric. (A grey gabardine with a little stretch). No problem there. So I sewed some pieces together, just to make some progress and ironed the seams flat. That looked quite ok and promising. And that's the one and only reason I'm gonna pick up tomorrow where I left today.

I'm still thinking about how I want the lining sewed in. The original pattern calls for a shorter inside with the hem just above the slits, but I want to line the skirt completely. This requires a lot of handsewing around the slits, but that's something I'm not worried about.

Anyway, I'm gonna tackle this skirt, one tiny step at a time and put in all the effort it takes to finish this in a satisfying way.

And if I want to take a break from sewing I can always spend my time watching this:

Signé Chanel (dvd)

It's from the library so it has to leave my house again at some point. But I'm really enjoying it for the time being. It contains the five episodes: 1. Expectation / 2. Doubts / 3. Rituals / 4. Sleepless nights / 5. The collection. An amazing and wonderful insight in the making of the 2004 fall/winter collection. Eye-candy, from finish to start and a big inspiration for everyone who loves to sew.

That's all for now. I hope there will be some positive progress on the skirt soon so I can show you some pics. And there will be some pictures of new fabric as well. Just because you don't have time to sew, that doesn't mean you can't buy fabric. Right?


Friday, October 1, 2010

KnipMode 2010-02 / 19 Top finished.

I finished this top today and couldn't wait to show it to you. I'm so happy with it. It's the second time I used this pattern. The first top I made is a winner in my wardrobe. And now it has a twin!!  And there is still room for triplets, if you know what I mean, so who can tell what the future will bring.
The fabric is gorgeous. It's one of my Antwerp-purchases (the 'Vincent-fabric', remember?). It feels as soft as melted butter and has a lovely draping-quality. I just lóve working with jersey.

This top is very easy to make and it's a real quick project. That it took me a whole week to make has other reasons, like long days at the office and working at home in the evening till late. When I got up this morning I felt like a wreck and could have stayed in bed the whole day easily, but I chose not to and finished this project. And I'm glad I did. It really gave me back some of my energy.

I'm wearing my favourite piece of jewelry in the picture:  "Johnny Walker". Yeah, that's his name.

Isn't he just adorable? He comes with me almost every time I'm wearing something with a V-shaped neckline.

My next project could be this skirt. It's Burda 2010-09 / 106

I'ts been a while since I worked with a Burda-pattern and I'm looking forward to it.
I'll be making it in a grey gabardine and I'm going for the longer (B) version. It will make a great pair with my new top ánd my new black boots. I hope I'll have something to show you soon but I'm afraid the coming week won't be any better than the past one. Ah well, Que Sera, Sera.....

And now for something very, very unimportant....a.k.a. a parting shot:
These two clouds remind me of 2 cones of strawberry icecream, or in other words: of summer, though they are definitely telling us that fall is knocking on our door.

Have a great weekend everyone!


OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I know I live not far from a military airport and I do have experience with cargo planes and fighters crossing the sky above me but just moments ago a big cargo plane (or I think it was) flew SICKENING LOW over my house. I had my camera next to my laptop so I grabbed it and ran outside to take pictures. But they don't even begin to show how low it really was. Damn! I'm still shaking. 

(Ok....I'm cooled down a bit now......I guess this 'monster' has to take wing also, so I'm keeping my camera close at hand, just in case)

Anyways my sewing-friends, I'm wishing you all a great weekend!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

One year of blogging!

Exactly one year ago I started this blog. Not knowing what I was exactly getting myself into or where it would lead, but feeling excited at the same time.

And now I've made it: my 1-year anniversary!
I want to share my festive feeling with you, because without you I would have left this blogworld a long time ago.
So I want to say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you for stopping by, being interested and reading my blog. A special thank you for those who have been so kind to leave comments on my posts. This means more to me than I can tell you. All of them make me feel special and all of you are the reason why I'm blogging. And loving it!

Now I completed my first year I believe it's time for some looking back ánd forward.

How did it start?
I bought my first computer in the fall of 2006. I don't remember how I found my first sewing-blog but it was a real eye-opener for me. I've sewn my own clothes for a great part of my life, but I only met very few people who did this as well. Can you actually believe that?? Well, I'm sad to say it's the honest truth. 
So finding all these blogs with enthusiastic, sewing women all over the world was very special and like stepping into sewing heaven. I read all the blogs vigorously, was (and ám) immensely inspirated by them, and slowly started to dream about my own blog. But there were some issues I had to take care of first.

  • Did I want to go 'public' with my life? With this thought in the back of my mind I studied blogs and came to the conclusion that you could go as much or less public as you like. Ok, so that was no longer a reason to hold me back.
  • What if noone was interested in my sewing-stories? I put that thought aside quickly because you can only find out by trying.
  • Than the biggest issue. I did not have a digital camera. I bought a new (non-digital) camera a few years before that (didn't have a computer at that time, so why buy a digital-camera, I thought). But I knew I hád to have one if I wanted to start blogging myself. So I bought one and I never looked back.
Looking forward
I'll definitely go on blogging as I find it still as exciting and fun as when I started.
But with one year of experience in the pocket, are there things I want to change?

I want to:
  • make my posts more interesting for you to read.
  • sew more so I can post more frequently as I'm totally unhappy with the amount of posts I'm writing now.
  • upgrade the quality (both technically and esthetically) of my pictures.
  • write (a bit) more about other things but only in small doses and if possible sewing- or fashion-related, as I want this blog to be about sewing/fashion in the first place. (Maybe some cooking? I've got some lovely recipes which I've been dying to share with you).

Whoa, I've set myself some goals there! I don't know when (and if) I will reach them but I can always try, right? I'll do my best and in the meantime I hope you will 'stay with me' for yet another year.

Happy sewing everyone!


p.s. Starting a new sewing project today. It should be a quick one. So hopefully news on that very soon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New fabric

Yesterday I took a shopping-trip to Antwerp. This summer I discovered a great fabricstore there with lots of gorgeous jerseys (and other fabulous stuff). I just had to go back there.
(If anyone is interested in the address: Joëlle, Dambruggestraat 5a, 2060 Antwerp (Belgium).

I bought two lovely pieces:

This is gonna be a dress. It's the same kind of fabric as this dress is made of and it's wonderful to handle and wear. So I'm looking forward to (making) this dress very much!

This blue one is my favourite. Ít's gonna be a top I also made earlier. Since this top has a lot of drapieness at the neck it has to be a rather thin jersey. I think this is just perfect for it.

And do you know what the print reminds me of?
Paintings of Vincent van Gogh. They remind me of the brushstrokes he used in his paintings. I'm gonna call this 'the Vincent-fabric'.

I'm very glad with these purchases. They're a lot more expensive than the fabrics I usually buy, but as Sigrid pointed out in a reaction on an earlier post, it's definitely worth to spend more money to get better quality. I do have some great garments that looked worn after washing them a few times. That's almost like throwing your money away. So I hope these pieces will stay nice a bit longer.

Other purchases:

This vest came home with me. It's still too warm to wear anything like this, but I'm sure that autumn and winter will be here sooner than we think. (Not looking forward to it though..):

And I discovered a great (new) jewellery-store. I was already on my way back to the trainstation, so I didn't have much time to look around, but I managed to buy these:

Always nice to discover new stores. Especially when you have to say goodbye to others. I'm talking about Zara here. C'mon you guys! When you sell an XL-wintercoat then let it be an XL-wintercoat. When my arm gets stuck in the sleeve I have very serious doubts about that size. Don't pretend to sell clothes for larger people when you don't.
I never, éver managed to find anything in your store that fit, so now I'm officially done with you. Finished.

Then onto the sewing.
Maybe you noticed that on this sewing-blog there's not a lot of sewing going on lately. I've been back to work for 3 weeks now and I only managed to sew 1 item. It's not that I don't have the time. I'm usually home at around 6 and after eating and doing a bit of household-jobs, I'm free to fill in my evenings as I please. So I'm not gonna point at anyone or anything else. It's just that I don't seem to have enough energy to pick anything up. And now I can add an upcoming cold to that, which takes my last bit of energy.

But once I'm back on my feet I'm gonna start on the skirts I've got planned. In my next post I'll lay out my plans for you, right now I'm just not up to it (sniff...cough-cough!!).

Hope you are all doing well.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

KnipMode 2010-09 / 9b Top finished!

Done!! And happy!

After the little hickup I had in the beginning of this project, everything went smoothly. It didn't take very long to finish. Basically it's a very simple pattern. The sleeves of course are the most interesting part of this top.

These are both top-sleeves with only the elastic attached. If I followed the instructions I should have used a piece of elastic that was (quite a bit) longer than the sleeve itself.  Duhh ??? 
So I had to do the maths myself. But I did rather well I think.

Here you see the sleeve with the pleats basted in place (click twice on picture to get a closer view) and the bottom attached to the top. It's a bit ruffled at the seem but not very much.
When I wear this, the sleeves are not as fluffy as they are on the model in the magazine. Hmmm....probably her upper-arms aren't as fluffy as mine...

I'm proud of the way the elastic is sewed in. You can't even see the stitches at the right side because I managed to 'stitch in the ditch' perfectly...(you gotta love that expression!)

There were a few issues that I would like to point out in case anyone wants to try this pattern:

1. The sleeves are very, very long. Had to take off about 8 cm. Of course this differs from person to person and I don't have very long arms. But usually I get away with the length that's used in the magazine.

2. The waist was very wide. I chose my normal size (44) and usually I have to widen the pattern a bit to make it fit. But now I had to remove 10 cm in width and it's still not very close-fitting.

3. The top is quite short to my taste. I always lengthen a top by 4 to 5 cm, because of my bodylength. I did that this time, but it's still about 4 cm shorter than I usually make it.

4. This top hasn't got darts at the bust. If you're great at altering patterns I would recommend them. You can see in the pictures that there is some excess of fabric at that place.

Now, what's next on the list? I want to sew a skirt but I also want to lose some weight first. In the october magazine of KnipMode there was a beatiful wrap-dress. That could be a great project to start on, but I don't have the fabric for it yet. I think I'm gonna dive into my (petite) stash and see what I come up with. I'll keep you informed, of course.

Parting shot, Lowieke:

I  knowzz....I  izz super-cute and dazzhingly handsome.
After I wake up, you may cuddle me.

Enjoy your weekend!