Sunday, October 16, 2011

Funny coincidence

Hi all,

For those wondering: I'm still here.
Sewing has been superslow lately. My mojo goes up and down like a ferris-wheel, but it's more down than up I'm afraid. However, yesterday I picked up a new project, a pencil skirt. It's not very interesting. Just a simple skirt. Plan is to finish it today. Pictures promised.

But telling you this is actually not the main reason why I decided to blog today. No, it's a movie I saw on television: 'Down with love', with Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. It was a gorgeous movie. If it was not for the actors or the feel-good factor of the movie, than it was because of the great, great 60's fashion that is displayed throughout. They really make a fashion-stand in that movie. Wow!!

And much to my surprise, Renée is wearing this in the opening-scene:

Why to my surprise? Because in the big pile of fabrics I got from someone recently, there's this fabric (tape-measure is in centimeters):

Ha!! If that isn't a coincidence...

But for those who love 60's fashion just as much as me, I must disappoint you. There's not going to be a garment made of this fabric in my wardrobe any time soon, for the feel of the fabric is horrendous. It has a very, coarse surface. I haven't washed it yet (and don't know whether the previous owner did) but that's something I can try before I dismiss it altogether. It would be a shame if I had to because it's a lovely fabric to look at and would make a lovely.....hmmm let's see......pencil-skirt. Yep, again.

That's all folks! I must lie down now for I'm feeling rather dizzy. That happened to me also a few weeks ago. Probably an age-thing? Oh well...


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Audrey said...

Oh how funny that you had such a similar fabric in your stash! Such a pretty shade of pink. I love windowpane plaids and have some myself, but can never decide what to make from them.