Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bought. Not sewed. Sorry.

Still no progress on my skirt. I did zero sewing last week. Which is not how I want it to be, but it's just how it is. So you have to wait a bit longer on the endresult of my skirt.

But I did some shopping yesterday. I felt I needed something new for a work-appointment on monday and I thought this was a good reason to buy something. So I went to a store which was a favourite of mine a few years back. Lately they were quite disappointing to my taste but I thought: why not give it a try one more time. And I'm glad I did. So this is what I bought:

I'll be wearing this on monday, combined with a softgrey pleated satin skirt (same colour as the background of this picture), a cream-white v-necked top and my new high-heeled shoes.
And this necklace which I bought also yesterday:

Picture of the shoes (from the website, this gives the best idea of the shoe. If your foot is not in it the straps dug down, so this is much nicer). I bought these a while ago:

I had to bring this top home with me. A great piece to combine with loads of stuff:

And finally my pièce-de-resistance:

Can you believe I had already decided not to buy it because I wasn't sure wether I would wear this or not? About 30 minutes later I just knew I would regret it if I didn't buy it, so I went back to the rack and grabbed it in a 'this is mine!' way. And now I'm glad I did.  

Next up: reading all the updates on your blogs. Only 91 posts... And then loads of washing and ironing. I guess today will be a non-sewing day again.

But I'm planning on doing some sewing in the evenings this coming week. And friday I'm free from work because I'm working this monday (which means I have a four day weekend ahead of me! Yay!!!) And since I only need a few more hours on the skirt.....hmmm....maybe a post on friday??? We'll see.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

A sneak preview...

...and that's all I can give you I'm afraid.

After working a bit on my skirt last weekend I had one day I spent with a friend, one day at work and the rest of the week I've been ill. Nothing serious. Something upset my stomach, in a way that takes more than one day to recover. I'm no longer having cramps but I'm still nauseous from time to time and I'm not sure what I can or can't eat to make sure it won't get worse again. Because that will set me back probably at least a day. On top of that I have a headache lingering all the time and every now and then breaking through, and this afternoon I strained a muscle in my lowerback. Probably the result of lying on the bed for two days.
I'll get over it. Of course I will, but it's just so frustrating that there's no sewing going on.

But a week without blogging just doen't feel right and I want to give you something anyhow. So as far as a sneak preview goes, here's a detail of the skirt:

Do you have any idea which way this is going?

I hope there will be more to reveal in a short time, but for now I'm keeping it low. I want to be better when I have to go to work on tuesday so I'm focusing my energy on that. (At least now I can finish reading that book I started a long time ago).

Hope you are all feeling alright and are having a great weekend.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's a SWAP folks!

Is there a definition for a SWAP? Are there any criteria? Or is it just what it is: Sewing With A Plan.
Or is it: Sewing With A Passion?  That's what I thought initially when I encountered the term swap for the first time. I guess it's a bit of both.
And does it always have to be a group-thing, in which others can participate?

Anyway, following my very own criteria, I'd like to introduce you to my very first SWAP. And I must warn you, it's a mini-version. I've seen bigger plans on many of your blogs. But the idea of starting small somehow appeals to me. I know myself. If I can't live up to the expectation of finishing 10 garments I will feel unhappy and pressed to finish, which will kill the 'passion' for sewing. So why put myself through that misery right?
And that's why I lowered the number of pieces to 4. Yep, that's right. 4.

The idea:

Producing a small spring-wardrobe that I can wear in the office. The colourscheme is blue-white-grey. Real basic-colours. I love that and also the fact that you can accessorize these colours very well with black and brown, my favourite belt/shoe/boot colour. And silver jewelry, my favourite as well.
I believe these pieces will give me four great outfits.

The plan:

top - Burda 10/2008-119
I made this top twice already. Once with short sleeves for summer.

Viscose-polyester. A bit thicker quality jersey.

Skirt - Burda 04/2006-103
I love the classic lines of this skirt. The pleat and the fact it's a bit wider at the bottom. Suits my figure perfectly.

Wool-polyester, grey-blue.

Blouse - Burda 10/2008-113b
Loved this pattern from the start. The fact that it's a bit loose-fitting in the shoulder-area is great for me. That's most of the time my problem-area with blouses. 

A crispy white polyester-cotton

Trousers - Burda 01/2006-107
Don't you just love the look of these trousers? The wide waistband, the pockets. A classic look. Love it!

Woolen stretch fabric.

I thought it was time I started sewing more with Burda-patterns. I'm very hooked on sewing Knip-Mode patterns you know.

First I have to get 3 other projects out of the way. I'm not starting this swap until they are finished. But they're quite easy garments (blue boucle skirt, pyamas, knit-top). And they've been on my list for so long that I now have to get on with them.

I'll have to get back on sewing-track first, cause I seem to have fallen of somehow.

Talk to you later.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Change of plans

Slightly changed my plans. I wanted to make 2 skirts in a row but I just hád to make the dress I had planned for quite some time now. And here is the result:

It was a quick project, very easy to make. I'm very pleased with it. It's just the kind of garment I like to see (a lot!!!) in my wardrobe.

One thing puzzled me though. I just don't get what they were thinking at KnipMode when they drafted this pattern.

I mean..can you believe this?
This dress has a seam just below the bust and in the back, both at the same height. When I wanted to sew the sideseams of the front- and backbodice together, I discovered that my backpiece was about 2,5 cm longer than the frontpiece. I hate nasty surprises like this and I knew I had been very careful when I traced them so I went back to the patternsheet to see what had happened.

What I should have done if I followed the instructions was this:
(when I talk about cutting here I mean the paper which I use to trace the patterns, not the fabric).
Cut the skirt and backbodice. Attach them to each other at the cutting-line so you have 1 patternpiece. Then cut through the backbodice 2,5 cm above the line where I attached the two pieces. OMG!!! Can you believe this?? Why not draft the skirt a few cm longer on top and the back bodice a few cm shorter! Same result and no hassle.
I had no choice than to cut off 2,5 cm of the fabric of the backpiece. Luckily it had no effect on the final result.

And that final result is great. Which is good. And that's what matters in the end, right?

The only detail in this dress is the collar. Here's a closer look:

It's a very subtle collar, but I think in this case it's a matter of 'less is more'.
If you look closely you can see the seam under the bust. It's just at the right height. I lenghtened the pattern a bit, as I normally do, and that did the trick.
Hardly to see (because it's hardly there) are the two gatherings under the bust to create some volume. This dress has no darts and the seam is only slightly curved.

 I didn't want the V-shaped neck to stretch too much so I used some small strips of interfacing to make sure that wouldn't happen. I didn't bother to cut them curved to fit the pattern. In the picture, the tracingpaper is still attached to the fabric (on the other side) which helped to keep the neckline in shape when I ironed the interfacing in place.

All in all, a very succesful and satisfying project.
Only one....uhmm...little problem. I'll be brutally honest about it:

Need I say more?
And I can't possibly be walking all day like this:

Oh well, if that's my biggest problem....
But fact is that I will have to find me something to shape up that belly before I will wear this dress. I just have a 'thing' about it. (In my mind it probably looks much bigger than it is in reality)
And until I do, I'll sew me some other clothes that aren't as snug-fitting as this dress.

Or, in other words:    skirt # 2, here I come!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Skirt # 1 is finished.....and a top from the past.

Why on earth do we sew? I know why I sew. For THIS feeling I'm having right now. I'm soooo happy with this skirt. It's actually nothing special really, but I know I will get so much use out of it and it's such a great piece to combine with other things in my wardrobe. And I have a good reason reason to wear my ankle-boots now. (Wearing them with trousers just isn't the same). It fits great. The fabric has a bit of stretch and it's very comfortable to wear. Enough reasons for me to be happy.

So I chose the black pinstripe over the blue boucle, to start with. The pattern (from Knipmode) has turned into a TNT for me. This is the fourth time I used it. (Three times in a knee-length version). I can't remember from which pattern it originates but it's a pattern used very often in Knipmode.
It's straight, has a narrow waistband with facings, in the front 2 x 1 dart, and in the back 2 x 2 darts.
I inserted a normal zipper. Using an invisible zipper is a skill I still have to learn. I bought one a year and a half ago, but everytime I look at it I get extremely intimidated ;-)
For walking-comfort I made this (Can anyone tell me what the english word for this is? The strange shape at the sides is due to the fact that my skirt was draped over the ironingboard when I made this picture):

O, and did you notice that the top I'm wearing is Burda 02/2009 #123 ? I made this quite some time ago (in my pre-blogging era). To be really honest, I think it outshines the skirt. By the way, using elastic to finish the sleeves is not what the original pattern calls for, but I happily followed Dawn's great idea. Thank you Dawn for the inspiration.

Now isn't that what you would call a great start of the week?