Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pencil skirt

Sunday I finished the pencilskirt. From the front it looks absolutely fine:

From the back, with the right lighting, it does look fine too:

From an angle, I almost have a 'sexy booty'. Almost.

Then why, oh why, does it look like this from the side:

Problem: just at the point where the zipper ends (in the back) there's a ditch. I can't figure out why this is occurring. When placing the zipper I basted the hell out of it, just to make sure it wouldn't look messy. I even sewed the point at the bottom by hand to make sure it looked neat. And it worked. The zipper is sewed in to my liking.
The fabric is not pulling at that point. I made sure the fit of this skirt was comfortable (and it is!!).  When you look back at the second picture and you take a closer look at the bottom of the zipper, you see an horizontal line that's not supposed to be there. And just below that line there's that wretched ditch!  It may not look all that terrible to you, but believe me, it's really annoying and taking the pleasure out of wearing this skirt.

If anyone has ideas or tips how to solve this, or how to avoid this in the future, they would be more than welcome.

It's not all bad though. The fit is great. I love the fabric and apart from this little mishap, I think it turned out just fine. But I don't know if I would wear it in this state. Or I should wear something on top that's long enough to cover that area. Hey, that's an idea!!

Anywayz, hope you have better sewing-luck.



Audrey said...

The skirt looks great, and the fit is perfect. My thoughts on the ditch. It almost looks like the area of the seam where you inserted the zipper got stretched a bit or the stiffness of the zipper holds the fabric out, and where the zipper ends, the fabric collapses under the end of it. The skirt fabric looks so smooth and nice. Is it stretchy at all? Is there interfacing along the seam allowance, in the area where the zipper is inserted, to prevent stretching and sudden changes in seam thicknesses when the zipper ends? I started doing this, using a strip of iron on interfacing slightly wider than the seam allowance and slightly longer than the zipper, based on the recommendation of a sewing expert (can't remember which one) and seeing it in RTW. This really improved the look of my zipper installations. I hope you can get rid of the ditch. It really is a lovely skirt.

gwensews said...

A agree with Audrey. It looks as if the zipper is too heavy for the skirt fabric. Did you interface the zipper area? If not, I would remove the zip, interface the re-install.

Shannon said...

The skirt looks great on you! I've had this happen before, too, and it really is frustrating. In addition to the excellent suggestions above, the zipper looks like it ends on the fullest/curviest part of the skirt back. If you decide to take it out, would it be possible to use a slightly longer, or shorter zipper?

Heather said...

Hi Lilian, I just discovered your blog. I read it all from the first and really enjoyed it. I noticed from your birthday post that your birthday is the day before mine and 2 day's after my granddaughter's!

SEWN said...

I think the fit is amazing. I have had that happen with zippers at the bottom too. Very frustrating. i do think interfacing the zipper area might help.

Anonymous said...

Show off that big booty girl, nice dress!

Anonymous said...

I Just want to grab that booty of yours! the skirt looks great!!

Anonymous said...

That dress 👗 looks good on you. It shows off that beautiful booty of yours!