Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday in Volendam (picture-heavy)

Sunday I took a trip with a friend and her husband to Volendam. A little town in the Netherlands which is known abroad for its local costumes and folklore. But known in the Netherlands mainly for the neverending list of musicians, singers and groups that originate from this town.
Anyway, they are known (and famous) mostly in our country.

It was a very sunny and warm day but since Volendam is a port-town there's always a nice sea-breeze to cool it down a bit. And I used a great (new) sunblock-cream. No red skin on my body!! Which is a good (and healthy) thing.

Only once a year they have a weekend with special Volendam Celebrations. We didn't know it was held this weekend, so we were very lucky. It meant much more costumes on the street then on other days, lovely live music, choirs and lots of other festivities. Of course I took pictures. 

Here's an impression:

Typical houses

Want a boat? Anyone??

View from the terrace where we had our (first) coffee.

Getting ready to perform in a choir.

Sun, see and a tiny bit of sand.

Just like a post-card.

The IJsselmeer (IJssel-lake)

3 guys. Doing nothing. Just looking to their right.

Houses, just behind the dike.

Posing for the camera.

Choir, performing.

After we finished our visit to Volendam we made a short visit to Edam. A town which lies only a few kilometres away. It has a more historical towncentre and is very beautiful. We didn't stay long there. Just long enough for a short walk and a drink.

2 x Edam

My friend. Mistaking an Edammer Cheese for a bowling-ball..

Parting shot:  

(Parked car).  Confident driver, dare-devil? Or just not aware of the fact that his car is about to be baptized?

We had a fun day!! 
I was very, very tired at the end but it was definitely worth it.

And how about sewing??
At the moment it's really too hot to do any sewing so I don't have any updates I'm afraid. Plans? Yes. But nothing yet to show for it.
So for the time being I'm filling this blog with other summery stuff but don't worry. I'll be back!


Friday, June 25, 2010

10 reasons why it's a good day!

1. I'm free from work. (Switched my regular day off, from monday to friday).

2. The sun is shining and it's warm! Summer is finally here!

3. I'm planning on putting my feet up outside in the shade, with a cold drink, a great book I'm reading at the moment and leaving all the worries of the world behind me.

4. I have a lot of household-things to take care of but, WHO CARES, first I'm gonna pick up my skirt and finish it!

5. I had my 2nd fysio-appointment this morning and had a reassuring talk!

6. If it's not too hot on sunday I have a daytrip planned with a friend and her husband, to Volendam!  (Pictures promised)

7. Holland got through to the 1/8-finals in the world-championship-soccer.

8. After several attempts to fix the tube of my bike, I called the bike-shop, they took care of it and now my bike is finally repaired. And it's great weather to make a tour. (I could do with the exercise!!)

9. My sewing-mojo is returning slowly but surely! I want to buy tons of fabric and that's a good sign!

10. I'm just so happy to be back on the road to recovery.

Sending you all a sunny smile and wishing you a great weekend!!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel: Sewing again!

(Warning 1:
if you scroll down there are pictures of my hand which had surgery 4 weeks ago. Just saying...)

(Warning 2:
if you don't scroll down you'll miss out on my latest sewing-update. Just saying... ;-)

That's right. I'm sewing again! Slowly but surely. Wich means I'm doing a lot better. And I'm sure all your best wishes and sending smiles has helped a lot. Thank you for that !!!

Last thursday I had a new appointment in the hospital. The orthopedist said it all looked ok. The x-ray showed that one of the fractures had healed completely and the other was almost there. Enough to start with fysiotherapy.
And thát was all I was hoping for. So monday morning I have my first appointment with the fysiotherapist. 2 to 3 times a week, for 8 weeks!

At this stage my fingers are curved with no possibility whatsoever to stretch them. I'm not making a fist yet either. But it's amazing how many things you can do when your fingers are in a position like this: type, (a bit of) sewing, a lot of household-stuff, and even driving my car with the use of the other fingers and the palm of my hand.
But right now, I can only imagine my fingers being able to stretch or my hand to make a fist, if they break the bones again. Well, I'm sure there are other ways to get back to full use of my hand.

This is what the damage looks like right now. The secondpicture shows the maximum position in which I can bend them:

(By-the-way: the background is a cute skirt I sewed a few years ago).

And talking about sewing cute skirts:

This is what I've been sewing on yesterday. I started this on the day I injured myself and now I'm finally able to pick it up again. Apart from hemming it, it's finished but I couldn't wait to show it to you. It's made in linen so it's rather wrinkled:



Just a fun summer-skirt. I think I will make this again in a cute cotton-fabric.
There are so many plans I put aside for the past weeks but now they're all popping up again. And there's a lot of fabric waiting for me. I feel blessed I'm back in this stage where I'm able to look forward again.

I hope I will be posting more regularly now and talking a lot more about sewing and a lot less about medical things. I have been warned by the orthopedist that the fysio will cause an increase of swelling and pain so posting might be slow at times. 

But I promise you more sewing in the near future. And I never lost track of your blogs. I've been following them all the time. A bit jealous at times for not being able to 'take part' but on the other hand they were very inspiring. As always.

More later.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update on my sewn fingers

Thank you so much, you guys, for leaving such sweet and encouraging comments on my last post. I needed them so badly, they were more than welcome and absolutely heartwarming.

This is just an update to let you know how I'm doing. 
Well, let's just say that it's a bumpy ride. Not in a medical sense. I think my injuries are very common and the treatment is not that specacular. Today it's been two weeks since I had surgery on my fingers. It's just what's happening between my ears that's making this period feel like a ride in a rollercoaster.

In the beginning things looked quite promising, considering the circumstances. As I told you in my previous post I had a plaster-bandage for about 24 hour. Then I had surgery and got this bandage:

They told me this could be removed and replaced by a simple bandage on both fingers in just two days, like this:

So 2 days after the surgery I had a look at my operated fingers and was not glad. They were very swollen and the stitches looked like they were gonna burst. my middle-finger looked like it was dislocated at every joint. But two days after surgery...what else can you expect right? I was ever so glad I got rid of the thick bandage and my hand felt free again.
After 3 days I had another visit to the docter. Still very swollen but looking a tiny bit better.

6 days after that (that was last thursday) I had an appointment in the hospital with the orthopedist. The stitches were removed, which is a good thing of course. He looked at my fingers and said: they still look rather swollen, than he looked at the x-ray that was made after surgery and decided that I needed another 2 weeks of curved fixation of my fingers. 

So instead of going home with instructions to train my fingers to get them moving again I got a sweaty and tight bandage again. after that I went to the office (I had already been working for 3 days which gave no problem apart from being a bit slower in typing of course). I had to tell the disappointing news that recovery of the use of me hand was postponed for at least two weeks.

That evening it went wrong. The bandage felt much too tight. there was no way i could move my fingers and it felt sweaty between them. My ringfinger was slightly pushed sidewards which didn't feel right. And that's where the 'between-the-ears" thing began. I was the entire evening on the verge of a nervous breakdown and knew that I was never able to go through this for two weeks. the next day I went back to the hospital and they gave me this, a finger splint, which feels múch nicer.

I can move my fingers almost as much as is posible. But thats very minimal still. (The reason my fingers have to be curved has to do with the forefinger which was dislocated. Apparently, if I stretch that finger now there's a chance it could get dislocated again). They recommended to try and move them a bit. I feel like I can breath again. But I'm afraid to hope for good news on the next appointment, just because I'm afraid to be disappointed again.

Now I can move my fingers a bit more, there's more discomfort than before, but I guess that's just normal.  

Conclusion of this post is that my reaction on the (too) tight bandage freaked the hell out of me. It's all very irrational but it was oooh so real. I felt like crying but I couldn't. I sat rocking on the couch back and forth like I was mad. I couldn't watch tv or read (didn't feel like distraction at all!!), my appetite for food was completely lost. I didn't breath properly. I felt completely lost and out of control. Like my whole being was caved in and couldn't find a way out.  

Did anyone of you have a similar experience like this and did you know how to handle this?
I would love to hear, because if this happens again.....

I hope no-one will think of me as a cry-baby now. I can be pretty tough if I have to. Maybe that's why I'm so shaken by my reaction.

Well, this was not a very cheerful post I'm afraid. Hopefully the next one will be a bit brighter.


p.s. And still no sewing I'm afraid.