Saturday, September 24, 2011

KnipMode 08/2004-8b Sweater

What do you do when you're desperate to blog about something but have nothing to blog about? You dig into your memory if there's nothing you left out that's still worth mentioning.
I did and I came up with this top (on the left). I had totally forgotten to show it to you. Probably because it's not really very special. However, I do like it very much and that's the main point right?
This is made from the same, and very much loved, fabric as the blue vest of my previous post. I think it is fun to show them next to each other. (In fact I always think about them as a pair, don't know why that is).

The only thing that can be said about the purple one is that it has an interesting neckline. It's hard to tell in this picture but the line from the leftshoulder (left when worn) goes all the way to the sleeveseam. In fact, the right shoulder is just a little piece that's sewed on top of that line. It's a nice feature but as I said, it's the only feature.

I'm not completely happy with the hem. It's a bit too wide on me. (BTW, my size cannot be exactly compared to the Blue Lady's. I just use her as a threedimensional clotheshanger.....sshhh.....don't tell her..).

The white shine you see at bustheight is the inside pole lighting up by the camera's flashlight. Yes, the fabric is very light and quite thin but it has enough cover-up to wear without any problems.
Once I finished the creme corduroy skirt I'll show you pictures of the two outfits on me. But that might take a while as I have a lot of things to do and might just squeeze in some other sewingprojects.

So...hmmm...what else did I want to tell you....

I'm in for a treat!! A friend of a friend was cleaning out her sewing space and as I once met her when all of us took a shopping-trip toghether, she knew about my sewing-hobby. And she was so kind to think about me.
This afternoon I'll be picking up a couple of Burda's and some fabric. Don't know the amount. Could be 2 Burda's and 5 pieces of fabric. Could be 2 boxes loaded with each of them. Doesn't matter. I'll be glad with whatever sewing-stuff is thrown in my direction and tomorrow I will show you all the goodies!!

Bye for now. Have a lovely weekend!



toy said...

I love the shape of the neckline of the first sweater adn the cardigan, the peplum effect is very cute, beautiful projects

gwensews said...

I like that asymettrical top. Very stylish and the color is fabulous!

Eugenia said...

I love that top - the neckline is lovely. The fact that the rest of it is simple and streamlined makes it look very elegant and allows the neckline to be a real feature.