Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Casual sewing

This is the picture of my 'hoodie'. (KnipMode 2010-08 / 19b - linedrawing in my previous post). I already finished sewing it more than a week ago and even wore it in the weekend. It's great and I love it. Putting it together was very easy.
The one thing I changed from the original pattern was using a facing in the back of the neck.
I think I'll have to pay the fabricshop another visit and buy the same fabric but in a different colour. It was great to work with and it's just thick enough to wear as a cover-up.
I'd even consider to sew this pattern again. If I do I will make the sleeves a bit longer though.

The hood is finished with a double-folded seam and is attached between the front and the neck-facing.

The buttons are quite.....euhmm..different but I like them very much.

The hood itself is not too big and actually is there just for the fun of it. I don't see me wearing it in real life... There's no close-up picture but you see a white line on the inside of the hood. That's the seam. I just serged one side of the seam, narrowed the other side and than folded the serged side over and stitched it down. Easthetical maybe not the most perfect way but good enough for me.  

* * *

A few days ago I discovered that I had a comment on my post about my tnt-top from Hester who asked a question about the size of this burda-pattern, wether it turned out big or not. Her question was in Dutch, I hope you don't mind if I answer in Dutch. (Also didn't have an email-adress so will do this via my blog).

Hallo Hester, wat leuk dat je via mijn blog geïnspireerd bent tot het maken van de wikkel-top. Het is echt een topper voor mij. Je vraag dateert al van eind mei dus misschien heb je de top ondertussen al in je kast hangen en heb je via je eigen ervaring al antwoord op je vraag gekregen. Mocht je er nog aan moeten beginnen; wat ik me herinner is dat het zeker niet klein uitvalt. De voorkant wordt ook nog eens schuin van draad geknipt dus dat geeft ook al snel extra ruimte. Eigenlijk heb ik niet veel aan hoeven te passen om het passend te maken maar ik denk dat dat toch ook nog een beetje van je figuur afhangt. Ik heb bijvoorbeeld nogal een holle rug en heb in 1 model (toen ik nog wat slanker was  =0)  kleine figuurnaden in de rug gemaakt. Staat me bij dat die in het origineel niet zitten.
Veel succes met de top. Ik hoop dat je er net zoveel plezier aan zult beleven als ik!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

New fabric, new project, and a bit of 'What the ***!?!'

First of all, thank you everyone who left a comment on my latest post. As always I'm very grateful for the fact that people (you!) take the time to read my blog and even react on it. And a big thank you to Hilde for offering to use her scans of KnipMode via 4Shared. That's gonna save me a lot of time!

And now, as promised I want to show you my newly bought pieces of fabric. Only 3. I'm not a hoarder and am trying to go back to my initial way of working, which is choosing a project and thèn buy fabric. Not the other way around. This just works best for me.

I am in love with all three of them (heart jumps happily up and down in chest..)

The baby-bleu on the left is a fleece with a very soft inside.
The stripes are a polyester-viscose jersey. This colourcombination is actually quite a bit out of my comfortzone, but I chose this fabric just for that reason. Gotta try something new once in a while.
The most beautiful is the cobalt blue. It's a cotton with stretch and a nice shiny (but not too shiny) surface.
Like I said, I already have plans for all of them and even started to sew with one of them.

This is what I'm working on at the moment with the blue fleece:

KnipMode 2010-08 / 19b

I started yesterday and was very motivated. First I traced and cut out the pattern on paper. There were still some other paper patterns lying around that I had not yet put away. When I was ready to pin the patterns on the fabric  I reached for the first peace, when my eye spotted two pieces that looked exactly the same, namely these two:

There was some suspicion rising in the back of my mind and I searched through the pieces and found that I had all of them already cut out before! Last week!! (I know this because I decided to use this pattern just before I bought the fabric). Why didn't I remember?!! And that's why there's a bit of 'What the ***' in my title. You know what's really silly? I stíll can't remember I traced and cut the whole damn thing. Total amnesia.

Anyway, I laughed it off and continued. It's really coming together the way I want it. Pictures will follow soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!