Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fabric Feast

A few posts back I promised you pictures of my new fabric. 'New' is maybe not the correct word as some of them are already a few months in my posession.

So here goes.

(click on the pictures to get a closer look at the fabric)

Online shopping at "De Stoffenstunter". I was very, very pleasantly surprised when I opened my package. You can never tell for sure what you are gonna receive with online shopping but this was GOOD!

1. Blue pinstripe for a narrow skirt
2. Gorgeous velvet-jersey for a top  (is it possible to be in love with a fabric?)
3. Plain simple black jeans for a skirt

1.                                                                 2.


Fabric Market near my home. At a certain point I remembered I also had planned to go to the fabric market in Nieuwegein, and stopped buying. Or else.....

1. Lovely velvet-jersey which I plan to use for a wrap-dress (to my surprise this fabric is used in the
    KnipMode January 2012)
2. Softly spotted suede-like fabric for a skirt
3. Brown, very fine checks. Great trouser-fabric
4. Another brown, fine herringbone for trousers

1.                                                                   2.

 3.                                                                  4.

Fabric Market in Nieuwegein. I also met a lovely group of fellow-sewists there and bought the following lovelies.

1. Soft lilac knit, for a cardigan
2. Super-soft fake-fur. I'll use this for the collar of a cardigan. Still have to find a matching white knit for
3. Great Chanel-fabric. No, not the real stuff....duh... I love the colours in it. Plans are to make a skirt
    with it.
4. The blue/black fabric is a heavier cotton with a bit of shine. I planned to make a skirt with it but I'm leaning
    more towards a little jacket every time I look at it.
5. A thin cotton with a mille-fleur print. Perfect for a little blouse.

1.                                                                    2.

3.                                                                    4.


So, there you have it. Tons of fabric and lots of plans.
It's not that I haven't sewn anything lately. After the white blouse I showed you in my last post, I made the creme ribcord skirt (which was part of this project and therefore long overdue) and I made a cardigan this week. It's finished though I'm still thinking of putting some darts in the back to make it a bit more body-hugging. I'll show you the outcome in a next post, with or without the darts.

Have a great weekend everyone and a very, very good 2012!!


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Sigrid said...

Gelukkig nieuwjaar Lilian, hoop veel mooie creaties van je te zien dit jaar met al die stoffen.
Groetjes, Sigrid