Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Lately I feel a growing urge to sew something more complicated, like a jacket or a blouse with special details. But until now I haven't been able to bring myself to actually start such a project. To fill in the sewing-gap I sticked to simple sewing. And what is more simple than a plain t-shirt? When I took a trip to Antwerp last spring, I bought a few pieces of knits with the intention to make t-shirts out of them. So it was just the right time to cut them up.

(Freaky! I seem to have posed EXACTLY the same for these two pictures. Just look at my hands..even the plant behind my back sticks out exactly the same!..)

I've used this TNT-pattern  quite a lot and made it with short and 3/4 length arms.
The only thing I've changed recently is using a binding to finish the neckline instead of facings. I once read somewhere: "Once you use a binding to finish edges, you never look back". This might be very true. It's such a neat finish and quite easy to do. I don't even measure the length of the binding, just make sure there's enough of it and then ease in the neckline, and stretch the binding a bit while attaching it. (I do pin and baste before sewing). It never failed me so far.

I didn't really 'need' these shirts but I dó need a white one. I've been looking for one for quite some time but can't find anything to my liking.  So last week I found a great white knit that will just be perfect for this purpose. The only thing I will change is making shorter sleeves.
So that's gonna be my next project but I won't blog about it as it's just more of the same, but without the colour. 

Happy sewing times everyone!



gwensews said...

I've been doing the exact same thing. I just sewed 7 Ts. I cut them, "whack and stack", I call it. It was then just quick and easy sewing when I had a few minutes. Your Ts are great, and I bet you wouldn't find any RTW that you liked better.

Eugenia said...

T-shirts like this are so wonderful to have in the wardrobe - I think you can never have too many of these! I love the fun fabrics you have used but a white one will also be very useful.

Audrey said...

I am glad you explained what the dark spiky things sticking out of your shoulders were. I thought you either had a bad static problem or a weird design on the wall. Both T shirts are very pretty and well fitting. I bet you will wear them both quite a lot.