Saturday, October 31, 2009

As promised - a picture of 2 finished projects

Just a short post to show you the picture of 2 finished projects, as promised. The top is Burda 10/2005-114 and the skirt is a KnipMode pattern from 1998. (I'm aware of the fact that wearing this top doesn't show the topstitching of the skirt, but that's ok). It looks like the hem is uneven but that's just me posing in a hand-on-hip position. I promise you, the hem is very even. And I already posted about the fabric, that it has a very shiny silvery inside. Now it's photographed with a flashlight, the fibers seem to reflect this light, which, I promise!, is absolutely not the case in normal light. (And the flashlight is also, I think, the reason for my pale complexion for I can assure you I look healthier in real life ;)

Don't you just love it to be dressed completely in home-sewn garments? Always makes me feel kind-a pride. And then wait till somebody makes a nice comment about it so you can say in a (very) casual way: oh..well...I made it myself. Does not happen every time, but whén it happens it always makes my day.

That's it for now. I still have a lot of saturday-errands to run before I can sit down behind my sewingmachine and finally finish my blouse, which by the way, will be the subject of my next post.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sneak preview and some cutting-problems

Sunday evening late, I had decided on my next project. So I took the fabric and gave it a good, warm, wash and dry and since I'm using a TNT-pattern, I was able to cut the fabric right away on monday. But I'm ashamed to say that with all the free time I got, I didn't accomplish very much. But I made a start and that's....well...a start, I guess. 

It's the same blouse I made in black but now I'm using a slightly more interesting fabric. It's a very soft, double-faced baby-cord, and I'm using both sides. Here is a close-up:

The (facings of the) collar and the cuffs will be made showing the 'flowery' inside. The rest of the blouse will be made showing the little dots. (Well, they're not dots actually, they're little arrows, as you can see if you look closely / click on the picture to get a better view).
I made one alteration to the pattern. I have swayback-problems so I used a back-seam to be able to do a swayback-adjustment. Just a mild one and I must say that turned out just fine. 
I managed to do some sewing this evening and I can finally give you a sneak-preview of the collar, so you can see what I've been rambling on about.
Tadaaaaa, here it is in its full glory (and rather unfinished state):

The fabric is really a joy to work with. No stretch, easy to iron, thin. In fact all the good things of a simple cotton fabric.
That the facings on the collar were doing my head in was not due to the fabric but was all up to me. Somehow, when finishing the inside of the facings, I made the cuts in the two corners too long and I ended up with two corners, 'wounded' beyond repair. Or at least that's how it felt like to me. Luckily they're on the inside so you can't see it when I'm wearing it. One of my motto's in sewing is: as long as you don't cut the fabric during the sewingprocess, there's nothing that can't be fixed when it goes wrong. But as soon as you cut in a wrong way, hell, no way back. And that's why I'm scared of this corner-cutting. But I survived, and so did my blouse. And we'll both be brave and pick up from where we left, the next time.

BTW I lóved my long weekend!!! It was just what I needed and it has done me lots of good!! I felt very 'unplugged' from work, just like it should be. And although fall is really starting to settle in, according to the leaves on the trees that all seemed to have turned to yellow in a very short time, we were able to enjoy a few days of beautiful, sunny and mild weather, so that makes it even better right?
And with all these beautiful fall-colours I thought It would be nice to include the next picture. Don't these look good enough to eat? Well, better leave that to the birds eh?


p.s. I promised to post a picture of me wearing the denim-skirt. Just didn't feel like dressing-up to be picture-worthy. But I'm planning on wearing it tomorrow so next post includes a picture. Promised! (No, really, this time!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Denim skirt finished

Today I finished the denim skirt. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I didn't have to alter anything to the pattern. I used this pattern before and I can't for the life of me remember if I altered the pattern then. But today when I had my first fitting, it was ok right away, so maybe I did alter it after all. Here it is before I hemmed it. (I don't have a picture of the finished skirt because the daylight was fading fast as I took this picture. I'll show a picture of me wearing it tomorrow).

I'm glad the fabric has a bit stretch or else I wouldn't be able to put it on. But once I have it on it fits perfectly. I kept it long so it will look nice with boots as well as with ankle-boots.
And as we all like a bit of detail, here's a picture of the topstitching.

Now I can think about my next project. I'm not sure yet. It's probably going to be a blouse. But if I want to start on it tomorrow I will have to wash and dry the fabric tonight. So I will have to make a choice fast and start washing. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Antwerp - What did I buy?

When I was sitting in the train this morning I had a hard time trying nog to fall asleep. Actually I was sooo tired but I thought that was just from work and some relaxing time would do me good. Well, it seemed I was just tired. The kind of tired that makes you want to go asleep. I had a terrible time not to close my eyes. It felt ever so good to do so but I knew it would only take 20 seconds to fall asleep so I had to force myself to keep staring out of the window. On top of that I developed a headache during the day. Thank god I took my sunglasses with me. But hey, that's enough moaning, I did manage to spend some money so here goes:

First buy was at the Bodyshop. I bought some handcream, a beautiful box with 3 different body-butters (Mango, Coconut and Sheabutter).

The little sample of perfume is a new Bodyshop-perfume, not yet in stores but coming soon: 'Love etc...' Not really my type of perfume.

'Sensuous' by Estée Lauder. It's an eau de parfum, and it's a fragrance I dó like.
I also bought some eyeshadow (you can never have enough right?) of a brand called Isadora. I never heard of it before so I have to try it out.
The third thing I bought was 'Lash Designer mascara' by Nivea. Thát I really needed because the mascara I'm using at the moment is starting to smell bad. So that's a sign I should not use it anymore. All this was bought at Galeria Inno.

This cookbook looks very promising. The title means something like: "Nice and savoury". Maybe I will try some recipe this weekend.
I bought the book at 'De Slegte'.

I had planned to buy some clothes too. But I have to say that the fashion that's hanging in the stores right now is really depressing. Everything seems to be made for somone with a perfect figure. All these baggy shirts which are gathered at the bottom by a band or with elastic. I look like a balloon if I put something like that on. And it's all very long, like mini-dresses. And of course everything is clinging round your hips like mad, showing everything you don't want it to show. It's really bwèè far as I'm concerned. Luckily I managed to find a few tops I do like. They're both grey-coloured. Doesn't that tell you how spoiled for choice I was? Not!!  Enough of that, now let's show pictures of these pieces.

This one I like the best. It's also a style you see very much at the moment. I bought it at 'We'.

Here's a detail so you can see better how it's knit. It's quite heavy but also really 'airy' as you can see.

And here's number two. Bought at 'The Sting'. It's a finer knit. I wasn't able to get a sharp picture of the whole cardigan, but you can see the details a bit better in the other picture. Oh, and sorry for the wrinkles...

So this was all I purchased today. I'm very glad with everything and I can say it was a day ánd money well spent. Now I'm going to lay down on the couch for a bit. Maybe that will help to put an end to my headache.


Off to Antwerp to do some well-deserved shopping

Finally, it's here. My long (5-days!) weekend. And today I will go shopping in Antwerp (Belgium). I am about ready to leave. A 10-minute ride to the station in Essen (Belgium, yes I'm living quite near to the Belgian border) and then I will take the train to Antwerp. That will take 31 minutes.
No pictures will be taken for I have to use all my strength and both hands to carry all the shoppingbags!! Well, it may just as well be that I will come home with only a few things. It's just going there, exploring shops and all the other fun stuff that's to be found and have a relaxing day. That's all I'm after. If I'm able to get some new stuff, that would be fun but it is not necessary. No fabric shops in Antwerp so no time will be spend there. (Isn't that a shame? I will tell you about that later). Now, I have to go, running late, must hurry......bye!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Result already!

Today I discovered I have 2 followers. Wow, that was really exciting. Turned oud that Dawn from Two On Two Off and Eugenia from The World of Eugenia were so kind to check out my blog and leave a comment.

Ladies, let me tell you I'm honored. Hope you (and more to come) will take the time every now and then to see what's happening over here. I surely will be checking your (gorgeous) blogs.

Thank you..


Denim skirt and new fabric (that blew up my mailbox)

Sunday I started on my denim skirt. The sewing part that was, for I already cut the fabric on saturday. Everything was going to plan until someone decided he had to join me....

I think his thoughts went like this: "Well, let's first judge the project...Ok, fabric is good enough to lie on and to fall asleep on. So...let's choose a position. Yeah..this is the right one......zzzzzzz....." Needless to say that my work on the skirt ended right there and then. I just couldn't interfere with this happy sleeping situation. Hey..don't say I'm weak. You cat-lovers out there will understand me!! Luckily I made some pictures before my sewing table was taken over. This is what I'm working on right now.

It's a pattern from an old KnipMode from march 1998. I'm making the long version. I didn't accomplish very much up until now for first my cat was interfering and then life (i.e. work) was interfering. Maybe I will do some more sewing this evening. Well, this is what I finished so far:

I sewed the parts at the hips (looks like pockets but it's all fake, and I sewed the centre seam in the front. Maybe I would have done more if I had had a right zipper, but the only dark blue zipper I had was 20cm. long. Too long. So I decided to do some webshopping on sunday and...of course....I couldn't resist and bought some fabric too. But they were very cheap..believe me. So what did I buy (instead of finishing what I already had.... :)

1. Wine-red/black tweed (quite thin), destined to become a pencilskirt.

2. A very loose woven, soft, Chanel-like fabric. 's Going to be a sort-of Chanel jacket.

3. A very pink-y fleece. 's Going to be a fleece-sweater.

Opening the packet tonight was quite a surprise. I must have been in a very red/pink mood last sunday. I never noticed when I ordered the fabrics but now, seeing them together, there is definitely a theme going on here.
A shame tough that the packet was a little bit too big for my mailbox AND THAT THE MAILMAN THOUGHT THAT THAT WASN'T THE CASE. So he tore the back of my mailbox in two. Bad, bááád Mr. postman. I think I'm going to put a note on my mailbox for tomorrow: Dear Mr. Postman, when it doesn't fit, IT DOESN'T FIT.

And next time, I promise, more on the denim skirt.

Gr. Lilian

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Following..and hoping to be followed..

After a short time of blogging anonymously, I finally decided it was time to start following some blogs and showing my face.

I first wanted to find out if blogging is something for me. I'm known for starting things very enthusiastically but giving up after a short while for not getting the results I want. Or getting bored. Or feeling that it's all 'more of the same'. But this blogging-thing has turned out to be a very addictive thing. Though I'm not blogging everyday, I think it's really fun to do so.

So if anyone of you has been so kind to check out who their new follower is, and has therefore landed on this site, then please feel free to leave a comment. I would like that very much !!!!

Gr. Lilian

Monday, October 12, 2009

's Wonderfull.....'s Marvellous......!!!!!!

Sorry, Everyone, for singing such high praise over my own achievements, but I'm HAPPY. My top turned out very nicely. This is just what I needed to get my sewing-juices flowing again. Well, here it is:

I like everything about it. The fabric, the fit, the collar (its drapieness). I definitely will make this top more often. It's a fantastic piece for autumn and winter.
Those of you who are trying to achieve perfection in their homesewn garments will already have seen something in the picture that's not so great. Did you see it? Look at the hems of the sleeves and the way the pattern of the fabric is different in both sleeves. Yeah..not so great. But let me tell you that this fabric was all over the place where the print was concerned. I had a tough time cutting my parts so that the prints were the same on both sides. If you look at the top of the sleeves the print matches perfectly. So I don't see how I could have avoided this problem. Only thing would be shortening the left-sleeve. But that would mean it is REALLY shorter than the other, so that's not an option. Well, I'm not going to let my happy-mood be influenced by this minor detail..(ahem...). No, I'm just gonna show you the collar a bit better in the next picture. (It also shows the colours of the fabric exactly the way they are).
So, here's one more time:

So now I'm absolutely ready for my next project. It's a skirt from KnipMode (some old number from the nineties). I already made it before in a darkbrown suedine. Now I've chosen a very dark indigoblue denim for it. You can see it at the far right in this picture: 

It's a rather heavy, kind of stiff fabric. It has a silver shiny inside. Probably meant to use in visible parts or details. But I'm not into all that glittering and glitzing effects in your daily-wear outfits. No, I'm just gonna use the denim side.
I don't have a picture of it (old KnipModes are not on the internetarchive) so you'll have to take my word for it. But first I'm gonna get me some lunch. I'm starving!!
More to come.

Gr. Lilian

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is it going to happen ? Really ??

Today I started a new project. It's a simple long-sleeved shirt with a wide, draped collar, pattern 114 from Burda 10/2005:

I had just the perfect fabric for it. I'ts a soft, rather thin knit (click on the picture to get a good view of the fabric) and it promised to drape very well, quite important as the collar needs to be draped a lot. The print is in black and gray. No white in sight, although the picture seems to tell otherwise. The white you (think you) see is actually a soft grey.
I have already sewn the shoulder and sideseams. I closed the sleeves and the collar is ready to be attached. It drapes very well I have to say. Of course I used my serger which makes it all more of a fun project. 
So far, this top looks very promising. I put it on for the first time and I can say that I hád my WOW-moment I was talking about in my last post. So needless to say I'm very happy at this point.

I did change a few things for this pattern. I started with a size 44. Then I lowered the waist 4 cm. and added another 4 cm. to the length. That's a total of 8 cm. Yeah, what can I say, I'm a tall girl. I also cut an extra cm. at both sideseams.

I'm very confident that this top will have a nice outcome. My only concern is the hemming. It will probably look perfect when I finish this top, but what will it look like after wearing it a few times? Will it stretch?? Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, won't we?

Finishing this today is going to be a bit too much to ask of me. I gave a party last night and I went to sleep at 2.30 am. So I'm a bit tired at the moment and I don't think I will be doing a lot tonight, apart from eating. Still waiting to get hungry though. Yeah, I know, all those leftovers from parties, staring right in your face all day. Who can resist?

Well that's it for now. I hope to show some pictures of the finished project tomorrow.

Gr. Lilian

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dress is ready...but I'm not convinced.

Well, here it is then. The dress. Finished.
Looks quite lovely in the picture, doesn't it? Well let me tell you, if I wear it I get really frustrated. I mentioned earlier that I have to stand straightup to avoid any gapes in the upper-front. Also do I keep fidging and pulling on the dress to make the hem look even. If I have just put it on the waistband sits about 5 cm higher in the back than in the front. Pullinggggg!!!! What will happen if I wear this for one day and forget to pull every five minutes? (Dread to think about that..)

So, I'm afraid to say that the problems mentioned earlier are still there. Obviously, because I didn't do anything to solve them. I just don't know whát to do to solve them. The only solution I can think of is letting the frontparts sink under the waistband for a merely 2 or 3 centimeters. But with my luck that will alter the complete look of it. And with all the pleating in the front, that just isn't an option for me. I just don't have the energy to do something about it without really (REALLY) knowing that the endresult will be worth the try.

I shouldn't be so annoyed obviously because of this one thing going wrong, or not going to my liking. It's just that lately EVERYTHING I make seems to have this kind of problem. Nowadays I can rarely finish something thinking: wow, amazing fit! And you may believe me, I thought that quite a few times in my life.

What do you think? Is my body changing? Am I just relying on alterations that were good for me throughout my sewing-life until now, and has now come the time to rethink and change my patterns in a different way? I think all these things are true. Well maybe that's the solution then...but not for this dress. I just don't know if I will wear it or not. Definitely not with the problems that are now occurring. Well, I'll keep thinking of it and in the meantime start with something else. Haven't made my choice yet what my next project will be. Also need to find some more time. This was my weekly day off....yeah, right! Have been working on my laptop for about 6 hours. Jeezz.....

Sorry this is not a happy post. I feel though that some good things, sewingwise, are about to happen. My next project will be a truly WOW-ing garment, with an AMAZINGLY PERFECT fit. More to come.

Gr. Lilian

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Work gets in the usual...

Alas, not much sewing going on this week. I always manage to do some sewing on sundays and mondays but after that it stops for the rest of the week. Work is really killing my energy at the moment and I just can't bring myself to do something else in the evening than vegetate in front of the TV or, if I can find the courage to switch on my laptop, read some blogs (which I find very relaxing by the way!). But most of the time I get jealous when I'm reading about all the sewing others are doing and knowing that my week seems to be lost to the sewingworld. Well, one more workday, a busy saterday with all the things I've got planned and then maybe I can bring myself to finish the dress I started at the beginning of this week.  I already sewed the skirt to the upperpart, as you can see. The colour in the first picture is almost the real colour. But it's more of a petrol-blue in real life. The colour in the second picture is way-off, but I like it for the clearness of the details. So I want to post it anyway.
I did some understitching at the facings of the upperpart and that turned out really well. I also tried something new. I didn't cut the front facings and the back facing apart. I attached the patterns to each other and used a seam in the facings at the center-back. This avoids a lot of bulkiness at the shoulder seams. I'm going to use this method more often. It's an easy adjustment with great result.

The dress has a few fitting-issues though. First of all, the waistband was placed far too low. Not originally. But I lengthened the upper body with 4 cm. (A normal adjustment for me). Turned out I could easily have done with 2 cm. That would make the waistband fall into a much more natural place. The length (up-to-down) of the band was 10 cm. Waaaayyyyy too much!!  I took off 3 cm. which is a real improvement. All of that was not that big a problem and could easily be solved.
More worrying  is the fact that the front-upperparts that cross, are actually too long (hence the 2 cm. mentioned above). And since there is quite some diagonal pleating going on in the front, I must admit that my sewing skills (or should I say: my pattern-adjusting skills?) are not thát great that I know how to readjust this. The edges fall perfectly flat when I'm standing upstraight. And I mean really upstraight, in a soldier-kind of way. But just bending over a little bit makes the edges gape. So wearing a camisole under it will be necessary. But that's okay. It gives the dress a more casual look and that's what I want. It shouldn't look like a party-dress because I want to wear this to work. With boots preferably. And a belt...
Well, got to get some sleep now so, till the next time.

Gr. Lilian