Saturday, October 31, 2009

As promised - a picture of 2 finished projects

Just a short post to show you the picture of 2 finished projects, as promised. The top is Burda 10/2005-114 and the skirt is a KnipMode pattern from 1998. (I'm aware of the fact that wearing this top doesn't show the topstitching of the skirt, but that's ok). It looks like the hem is uneven but that's just me posing in a hand-on-hip position. I promise you, the hem is very even. And I already posted about the fabric, that it has a very shiny silvery inside. Now it's photographed with a flashlight, the fibers seem to reflect this light, which, I promise!, is absolutely not the case in normal light. (And the flashlight is also, I think, the reason for my pale complexion for I can assure you I look healthier in real life ;)

Don't you just love it to be dressed completely in home-sewn garments? Always makes me feel kind-a pride. And then wait till somebody makes a nice comment about it so you can say in a (very) casual way: oh..well...I made it myself. Does not happen every time, but whén it happens it always makes my day.

That's it for now. I still have a lot of saturday-errands to run before I can sit down behind my sewingmachine and finally finish my blouse, which by the way, will be the subject of my next post.



Eugenia said...

You look lovely in that outfit. The skirt and top go together so well. Have a great weekend, Lilian.

Lina said...

I like your outfit,and it is even better because you created it alone.
I hadn't noticed that top pattern before.It is so cute.I will check my old Burda magazines.

Kathi said...

What a cute outfit!! Don't you just love it when somebody compliments something you have made? Especially somebody you don't know? It is such a good feeling!