Friday, October 23, 2009

Antwerp - What did I buy?

When I was sitting in the train this morning I had a hard time trying nog to fall asleep. Actually I was sooo tired but I thought that was just from work and some relaxing time would do me good. Well, it seemed I was just tired. The kind of tired that makes you want to go asleep. I had a terrible time not to close my eyes. It felt ever so good to do so but I knew it would only take 20 seconds to fall asleep so I had to force myself to keep staring out of the window. On top of that I developed a headache during the day. Thank god I took my sunglasses with me. But hey, that's enough moaning, I did manage to spend some money so here goes:

First buy was at the Bodyshop. I bought some handcream, a beautiful box with 3 different body-butters (Mango, Coconut and Sheabutter).

The little sample of perfume is a new Bodyshop-perfume, not yet in stores but coming soon: 'Love etc...' Not really my type of perfume.

'Sensuous' by Estée Lauder. It's an eau de parfum, and it's a fragrance I dó like.
I also bought some eyeshadow (you can never have enough right?) of a brand called Isadora. I never heard of it before so I have to try it out.
The third thing I bought was 'Lash Designer mascara' by Nivea. Thát I really needed because the mascara I'm using at the moment is starting to smell bad. So that's a sign I should not use it anymore. All this was bought at Galeria Inno.

This cookbook looks very promising. The title means something like: "Nice and savoury". Maybe I will try some recipe this weekend.
I bought the book at 'De Slegte'.

I had planned to buy some clothes too. But I have to say that the fashion that's hanging in the stores right now is really depressing. Everything seems to be made for somone with a perfect figure. All these baggy shirts which are gathered at the bottom by a band or with elastic. I look like a balloon if I put something like that on. And it's all very long, like mini-dresses. And of course everything is clinging round your hips like mad, showing everything you don't want it to show. It's really bwèè far as I'm concerned. Luckily I managed to find a few tops I do like. They're both grey-coloured. Doesn't that tell you how spoiled for choice I was? Not!!  Enough of that, now let's show pictures of these pieces.

This one I like the best. It's also a style you see very much at the moment. I bought it at 'We'.

Here's a detail so you can see better how it's knit. It's quite heavy but also really 'airy' as you can see.

And here's number two. Bought at 'The Sting'. It's a finer knit. I wasn't able to get a sharp picture of the whole cardigan, but you can see the details a bit better in the other picture. Oh, and sorry for the wrinkles...

So this was all I purchased today. I'm very glad with everything and I can say it was a day ánd money well spent. Now I'm going to lay down on the couch for a bit. Maybe that will help to put an end to my headache.


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