Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is it going to happen ? Really ??

Today I started a new project. It's a simple long-sleeved shirt with a wide, draped collar, pattern 114 from Burda 10/2005:

I had just the perfect fabric for it. I'ts a soft, rather thin knit (click on the picture to get a good view of the fabric) and it promised to drape very well, quite important as the collar needs to be draped a lot. The print is in black and gray. No white in sight, although the picture seems to tell otherwise. The white you (think you) see is actually a soft grey.
I have already sewn the shoulder and sideseams. I closed the sleeves and the collar is ready to be attached. It drapes very well I have to say. Of course I used my serger which makes it all more of a fun project. 
So far, this top looks very promising. I put it on for the first time and I can say that I hád my WOW-moment I was talking about in my last post. So needless to say I'm very happy at this point.

I did change a few things for this pattern. I started with a size 44. Then I lowered the waist 4 cm. and added another 4 cm. to the length. That's a total of 8 cm. Yeah, what can I say, I'm a tall girl. I also cut an extra cm. at both sideseams.

I'm very confident that this top will have a nice outcome. My only concern is the hemming. It will probably look perfect when I finish this top, but what will it look like after wearing it a few times? Will it stretch?? Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, won't we?

Finishing this today is going to be a bit too much to ask of me. I gave a party last night and I went to sleep at 2.30 am. So I'm a bit tired at the moment and I don't think I will be doing a lot tonight, apart from eating. Still waiting to get hungry though. Yeah, I know, all those leftovers from parties, staring right in your face all day. Who can resist?

Well that's it for now. I hope to show some pictures of the finished project tomorrow.

Gr. Lilian

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Dawn said...

I may have to get this magazine just for this top. I love it!