Thursday, October 1, 2009

Work gets in the usual...

Alas, not much sewing going on this week. I always manage to do some sewing on sundays and mondays but after that it stops for the rest of the week. Work is really killing my energy at the moment and I just can't bring myself to do something else in the evening than vegetate in front of the TV or, if I can find the courage to switch on my laptop, read some blogs (which I find very relaxing by the way!). But most of the time I get jealous when I'm reading about all the sewing others are doing and knowing that my week seems to be lost to the sewingworld. Well, one more workday, a busy saterday with all the things I've got planned and then maybe I can bring myself to finish the dress I started at the beginning of this week.  I already sewed the skirt to the upperpart, as you can see. The colour in the first picture is almost the real colour. But it's more of a petrol-blue in real life. The colour in the second picture is way-off, but I like it for the clearness of the details. So I want to post it anyway.
I did some understitching at the facings of the upperpart and that turned out really well. I also tried something new. I didn't cut the front facings and the back facing apart. I attached the patterns to each other and used a seam in the facings at the center-back. This avoids a lot of bulkiness at the shoulder seams. I'm going to use this method more often. It's an easy adjustment with great result.

The dress has a few fitting-issues though. First of all, the waistband was placed far too low. Not originally. But I lengthened the upper body with 4 cm. (A normal adjustment for me). Turned out I could easily have done with 2 cm. That would make the waistband fall into a much more natural place. The length (up-to-down) of the band was 10 cm. Waaaayyyyy too much!!  I took off 3 cm. which is a real improvement. All of that was not that big a problem and could easily be solved.
More worrying  is the fact that the front-upperparts that cross, are actually too long (hence the 2 cm. mentioned above). And since there is quite some diagonal pleating going on in the front, I must admit that my sewing skills (or should I say: my pattern-adjusting skills?) are not thát great that I know how to readjust this. The edges fall perfectly flat when I'm standing upstraight. And I mean really upstraight, in a soldier-kind of way. But just bending over a little bit makes the edges gape. So wearing a camisole under it will be necessary. But that's okay. It gives the dress a more casual look and that's what I want. It shouldn't look like a party-dress because I want to wear this to work. With boots preferably. And a belt...
Well, got to get some sleep now so, till the next time.

Gr. Lilian

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