Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Denim skirt and new fabric (that blew up my mailbox)

Sunday I started on my denim skirt. The sewing part that was, for I already cut the fabric on saturday. Everything was going to plan until someone decided he had to join me....

I think his thoughts went like this: "Well, let's first judge the project...Ok, fabric is good enough to lie on and to fall asleep on. So...let's choose a position. Yeah..this is the right one......zzzzzzz....." Needless to say that my work on the skirt ended right there and then. I just couldn't interfere with this happy sleeping situation. Hey..don't say I'm weak. You cat-lovers out there will understand me!! Luckily I made some pictures before my sewing table was taken over. This is what I'm working on right now.

It's a pattern from an old KnipMode from march 1998. I'm making the long version. I didn't accomplish very much up until now for first my cat was interfering and then life (i.e. work) was interfering. Maybe I will do some more sewing this evening. Well, this is what I finished so far:

I sewed the parts at the hips (looks like pockets but it's all fake, and I sewed the centre seam in the front. Maybe I would have done more if I had had a right zipper, but the only dark blue zipper I had was 20cm. long. Too long. So I decided to do some webshopping on sunday and...of course....I couldn't resist and bought some fabric too. But they were very cheap..believe me. So what did I buy (instead of finishing what I already had.... :)

1. Wine-red/black tweed (quite thin), destined to become a pencilskirt.

2. A very loose woven, soft, Chanel-like fabric. 's Going to be a sort-of Chanel jacket.

3. A very pink-y fleece. 's Going to be a fleece-sweater.

Opening the packet tonight was quite a surprise. I must have been in a very red/pink mood last sunday. I never noticed when I ordered the fabrics but now, seeing them together, there is definitely a theme going on here.
A shame tough that the packet was a little bit too big for my mailbox AND THAT THE MAILMAN THOUGHT THAT THAT WASN'T THE CASE. So he tore the back of my mailbox in two. Bad, bááád Mr. postman. I think I'm going to put a note on my mailbox for tomorrow: Dear Mr. Postman, when it doesn't fit, IT DOESN'T FIT.

And next time, I promise, more on the denim skirt.

Gr. Lilian

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