Friday, October 23, 2009

Off to Antwerp to do some well-deserved shopping

Finally, it's here. My long (5-days!) weekend. And today I will go shopping in Antwerp (Belgium). I am about ready to leave. A 10-minute ride to the station in Essen (Belgium, yes I'm living quite near to the Belgian border) and then I will take the train to Antwerp. That will take 31 minutes.
No pictures will be taken for I have to use all my strength and both hands to carry all the shoppingbags!! Well, it may just as well be that I will come home with only a few things. It's just going there, exploring shops and all the other fun stuff that's to be found and have a relaxing day. That's all I'm after. If I'm able to get some new stuff, that would be fun but it is not necessary. No fabric shops in Antwerp so no time will be spend there. (Isn't that a shame? I will tell you about that later). Now, I have to go, running late, must hurry......bye!


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