Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sneak preview and some cutting-problems

Sunday evening late, I had decided on my next project. So I took the fabric and gave it a good, warm, wash and dry and since I'm using a TNT-pattern, I was able to cut the fabric right away on monday. But I'm ashamed to say that with all the free time I got, I didn't accomplish very much. But I made a start and that's....well...a start, I guess. 

It's the same blouse I made in black but now I'm using a slightly more interesting fabric. It's a very soft, double-faced baby-cord, and I'm using both sides. Here is a close-up:

The (facings of the) collar and the cuffs will be made showing the 'flowery' inside. The rest of the blouse will be made showing the little dots. (Well, they're not dots actually, they're little arrows, as you can see if you look closely / click on the picture to get a better view).
I made one alteration to the pattern. I have swayback-problems so I used a back-seam to be able to do a swayback-adjustment. Just a mild one and I must say that turned out just fine. 
I managed to do some sewing this evening and I can finally give you a sneak-preview of the collar, so you can see what I've been rambling on about.
Tadaaaaa, here it is in its full glory (and rather unfinished state):

The fabric is really a joy to work with. No stretch, easy to iron, thin. In fact all the good things of a simple cotton fabric.
That the facings on the collar were doing my head in was not due to the fabric but was all up to me. Somehow, when finishing the inside of the facings, I made the cuts in the two corners too long and I ended up with two corners, 'wounded' beyond repair. Or at least that's how it felt like to me. Luckily they're on the inside so you can't see it when I'm wearing it. One of my motto's in sewing is: as long as you don't cut the fabric during the sewingprocess, there's nothing that can't be fixed when it goes wrong. But as soon as you cut in a wrong way, hell, no way back. And that's why I'm scared of this corner-cutting. But I survived, and so did my blouse. And we'll both be brave and pick up from where we left, the next time.

BTW I l√≥ved my long weekend!!! It was just what I needed and it has done me lots of good!! I felt very 'unplugged' from work, just like it should be. And although fall is really starting to settle in, according to the leaves on the trees that all seemed to have turned to yellow in a very short time, we were able to enjoy a few days of beautiful, sunny and mild weather, so that makes it even better right?
And with all these beautiful fall-colours I thought It would be nice to include the next picture. Don't these look good enough to eat? Well, better leave that to the birds eh?


p.s. I promised to post a picture of me wearing the denim-skirt. Just didn't feel like dressing-up to be picture-worthy. But I'm planning on wearing it tomorrow so next post includes a picture. Promised! (No, really, this time!)

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Eugenia said...

I think that blouse is going to be lovely. What beautiful fabric - having two different patterns makes it look so interesting.