Monday, October 12, 2009

's Wonderfull.....'s Marvellous......!!!!!!

Sorry, Everyone, for singing such high praise over my own achievements, but I'm HAPPY. My top turned out very nicely. This is just what I needed to get my sewing-juices flowing again. Well, here it is:

I like everything about it. The fabric, the fit, the collar (its drapieness). I definitely will make this top more often. It's a fantastic piece for autumn and winter.
Those of you who are trying to achieve perfection in their homesewn garments will already have seen something in the picture that's not so great. Did you see it? Look at the hems of the sleeves and the way the pattern of the fabric is different in both sleeves. Yeah..not so great. But let me tell you that this fabric was all over the place where the print was concerned. I had a tough time cutting my parts so that the prints were the same on both sides. If you look at the top of the sleeves the print matches perfectly. So I don't see how I could have avoided this problem. Only thing would be shortening the left-sleeve. But that would mean it is REALLY shorter than the other, so that's not an option. Well, I'm not going to let my happy-mood be influenced by this minor detail..(ahem...). No, I'm just gonna show you the collar a bit better in the next picture. (It also shows the colours of the fabric exactly the way they are).
So, here's one more time:

So now I'm absolutely ready for my next project. It's a skirt from KnipMode (some old number from the nineties). I already made it before in a darkbrown suedine. Now I've chosen a very dark indigoblue denim for it. You can see it at the far right in this picture: 

It's a rather heavy, kind of stiff fabric. It has a silver shiny inside. Probably meant to use in visible parts or details. But I'm not into all that glittering and glitzing effects in your daily-wear outfits. No, I'm just gonna use the denim side.
I don't have a picture of it (old KnipModes are not on the internetarchive) so you'll have to take my word for it. But first I'm gonna get me some lunch. I'm starving!!
More to come.

Gr. Lilian

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