Sunday, October 18, 2009

Following..and hoping to be followed..

After a short time of blogging anonymously, I finally decided it was time to start following some blogs and showing my face.

I first wanted to find out if blogging is something for me. I'm known for starting things very enthusiastically but giving up after a short while for not getting the results I want. Or getting bored. Or feeling that it's all 'more of the same'. But this blogging-thing has turned out to be a very addictive thing. Though I'm not blogging everyday, I think it's really fun to do so.

So if anyone of you has been so kind to check out who their new follower is, and has therefore landed on this site, then please feel free to leave a comment. I would like that very much !!!!

Gr. Lilian

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Eugenia said...

Hi Lilian! I'm glad I've found your blog - I like the look of the things you've been making recently. That top you featured in your last post is really lovely - great fabric, very Missoni-like. It will be interesting to follow, also, about your life in the Netherlands.