Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear skirt, don't make me hate you!

Finally, this evening, I had some time to start on my skirt. After 1,5 week of very long and exhausting workdays, I was completely ready for some relaxing sewingtime.
The fabric was cut out yesterday so I could start with sewing right away. Here's a little reminder. I'm making version B:

Burda 2010-09 / 106


It took me about half an hour to get my serger threaded. It just wouldn't work and my fingers were quite stiff today which didn't help either. Then, no matter how I changed the tension on the different threads, the serged side kept pulling, making it about 1,5 cm shorter than it should be. After an hour  I had only serged the side of one little piece and was far from happy with it. Aarrrgghhh.....
I decided to turn my back on the serger and check out how my sewingmachine behaved with this fabric. (A grey gabardine with a little stretch). No problem there. So I sewed some pieces together, just to make some progress and ironed the seams flat. That looked quite ok and promising. And that's the one and only reason I'm gonna pick up tomorrow where I left today.

I'm still thinking about how I want the lining sewed in. The original pattern calls for a shorter inside with the hem just above the slits, but I want to line the skirt completely. This requires a lot of handsewing around the slits, but that's something I'm not worried about.

Anyway, I'm gonna tackle this skirt, one tiny step at a time and put in all the effort it takes to finish this in a satisfying way.

And if I want to take a break from sewing I can always spend my time watching this:

Signé Chanel (dvd)

It's from the library so it has to leave my house again at some point. But I'm really enjoying it for the time being. It contains the five episodes: 1. Expectation / 2. Doubts / 3. Rituals / 4. Sleepless nights / 5. The collection. An amazing and wonderful insight in the making of the 2004 fall/winter collection. Eye-candy, from finish to start and a big inspiration for everyone who loves to sew.

That's all for now. I hope there will be some positive progress on the skirt soon so I can show you some pics. And there will be some pictures of new fabric as well. Just because you don't have time to sew, that doesn't mean you can't buy fabric. Right?


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Gail said...

I like the look of this pattern. Are there no side seams - hence the zip in the back panel? I agree that a full lining would be worthwhile.