Saturday, November 6, 2010

New fabric and a great KnipMode-idea

Yesterday I went to a special fabric-fair close to my hometown. A big one and only held a few times in a year. I had a busy agenda but I managed to spend 1,5 hour there. I saw some great fabrics. It was a pity that the weather didn't cooperate (lots of rain!) but that meant there weren't too many people about so no pushing and waiting for your turn. It wasn't good though for the market traders. And boy, were they complaining. I mean, a lot!

But I went home with a very, very happy face. Here are my goodies:

A purple bouclé. Soft and great for a vest. (Don't mind the 20 cm-zipper). The fabric is more purple than shown in this picture.
A beautiful jersey with a print and velvet pattern. The background of the print is black, not grey. The black stripes are the velvet parts. Great dress-fabric.

These two fabrics just belong together. They 'complete each other', so to speak. The darkgrey fabric is a very soft knit, perfect for a top and the houndstooth is a jeansfabric, for a pencilskirt. I love pencilskirts!

 A quite simple, darkblue knit. Great top-material.

You can't go wrong with a thinly striped jersey. If it could speak the fabric would say: I want to be a casual top. Please?

This is a jeans fabric. The lighter grey spots are actually darker, but they're a bit shiny, so I guess that's why the camera lights them up a bit. This is also gonna be a pencilskirt. Well, what can I say..I'm a secretary. Got to live up to the expecations, right?

That's all the fabric that came home with me. The bags became too heavy and my time was limited. But I am very happy with my purchases and have a whole lot of new inspiration and ideas to dream about.

If someone is wondering what happened to the knitdress I was making? Well, this post was supposed to be about that dress but it's not finished yet. Almost, but not completely. And it has some serious issues. In my next post I'll share them with you.

And now.....can I have a drumroll please?......

KnipMode december 2010 has a big poster in the middle of the magazine displaying ALL the linedrawings from the 2010-magazines. Sorted by dresses, jackets, trousers, tops etc. It's an amazing and wonderful idea.
Just think about it: you're looking for a nice jacket. Take a look at the poster and within 15 seconds you have scanned all the patterns of jackets of 2010. Just take your pic.
Now, does that save time or what!


Have a nice weekend.Talk to you again soon.



Anonymous said...

I hope Burda reads your blog!

Liz said...

How fabulous of Knipmode! I can't wait to get this issue - it looks lovely :)
And I love the fabric you have picked - some wonderful choices!

Eugenia said...

Great fabric purchases - your wardrobe is going to be getting some really nice garments made from these pieces. Excellent idea from Knipmode - I wish Burda would do the same thing.

gwensews said...

Those are some wonderful fabrics. What fun! I don't subscribe to Burda magazine for exactly the reason you just posted.

melissa said...

ooh fantastic fabrics! I happened to catch the Utrecht fabric market a few years ago and it was WONDERFUL! You've done really well in only a short time!

And that KnipMode poster is great!! I've got all the at-a-glance pages scanned and in an online gallery, but a poster like this is going to be even quicker! My issue should be here any day now - only now I have to clear some wall space in my sewing room!