Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sweet brown sugar

Hello again...
It's been a bit quiet on my blog lately. Lets just say my sewing-mojo had hit rock-bottom. Not in the last place because life was throwing some worries at me and it felt like they kept coming. I guess I've overcome most of them. For now. 
After my last project I started with this skirt. But I just couldn't find the motivation to work on it. And that's when I decided that I would stop sewing until my mojo would return and don't feel guilty about it. Without forcing it. Well it's returning. Slowly. But it's returning. I didn't feel like blogging too. Nevertheless I've read and enjoyed all your great posts in the meantime.

I guess we are all entitled to some kind of 'time off' from sewing every now and then, right? I'm sure we all feel that way sometimes.

Nevertheless I'm glad that I finally have something to show you. This skirt is from KnipMode october 2010. Here's the linedrawing to show you the details that my picture doesn't show:

The fabric is a wonderful soft ribcord. it makes me think of brown sugar, hence the title of this post.

I had some difficulties to get the ruffles in the right place. But that's about all that was difficult about this skirt. It's obviously not a very complicated pattern and that's certainly not the reason why it took me so long to finish.

One more picture, but now with black boots:

Though it's been ages since they were written, I'd still like to thank everyone for their comment on my dress in my last post. All your tips to accessorize the dress in a more modern way are very much appreciated and helpful. Most important of all, your comments made me feel that the dress is nice, and as I wasn't sure about that, that was the nicest thing you could do!

Maria asked a question in her comment :
I have been trying to figure out if it is possible to back order previous issues of Knip mode. Unfortunately my dutch isn't that good... Do you know if it is possible, and where do I place an order? Thanks!!
Well Maria, I tried to figure this out for you. As fas as I can see on the website of Knipmode, they don't sell any old magazines, just loose patterns. But you could try to send them an email to find out more. Just ask your question in English, I'm sure they have no problem with that.

* Questions to Knipmode editorial office:
* Knipmode service abroad:  (For questions about subscriptions from countries other than the Netherlands and Belgium.)

I hope this is helpful!

Now....let's see...what's next on my sewinglist.
There's a big piece of purple boucle in my stash that screams: WARM SWEATER WITH HUGE COWL-NECK!  And if there's one thing I need at the moment it's warm sweaters. Or anything warm for that matter. Since the temperatures have dropped in our country, I seem to be hypothermic all the time.
I have an old TNT-pattern already traced out, so it's time to start cutting the fabric and serging.
Should be a quick project. Oh wait, let's be careful with that remark....   ;-)

Have a very nice weekend everyone. I hope your sewing-mojo is blossoming like never before!



KID, MD said...

I'm glad your mojo is returning - sometimes a break is the best thing for it! I love the skirt! I've been dreaming of corduroy skirts myself lately... And a boucle cowl neck top sounds brilliant!

lakaribane said...

Just want to point out this site for back issues:

and maybe ebay?

Gail said...

I like the line of this skirt - smooth over the hips then gathering. Nicely done!

Eugenia said...

Hi Lilian! I'm glad that you are back sewing again but I think that you are right in that if you don't feel like doing it, you shouldn't. I love your beautiful new skirt. The style is very nice and flattering and the fabric is lovely - it looks very soft and so perfect for the winter weather.

gwensews said...

What a pretty skirt! It has a bit of a sheen in the phono, looking rather like velvet.

M said...

That was definately helpful. Thanks a lot!!

And thanks lakaribane, I've already tried ebay and will check out