Sunday, September 26, 2010

One year of blogging!

Exactly one year ago I started this blog. Not knowing what I was exactly getting myself into or where it would lead, but feeling excited at the same time.

And now I've made it: my 1-year anniversary!
I want to share my festive feeling with you, because without you I would have left this blogworld a long time ago.
So I want to say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you for stopping by, being interested and reading my blog. A special thank you for those who have been so kind to leave comments on my posts. This means more to me than I can tell you. All of them make me feel special and all of you are the reason why I'm blogging. And loving it!

Now I completed my first year I believe it's time for some looking back ánd forward.

How did it start?
I bought my first computer in the fall of 2006. I don't remember how I found my first sewing-blog but it was a real eye-opener for me. I've sewn my own clothes for a great part of my life, but I only met very few people who did this as well. Can you actually believe that?? Well, I'm sad to say it's the honest truth. 
So finding all these blogs with enthusiastic, sewing women all over the world was very special and like stepping into sewing heaven. I read all the blogs vigorously, was (and ám) immensely inspirated by them, and slowly started to dream about my own blog. But there were some issues I had to take care of first.

  • Did I want to go 'public' with my life? With this thought in the back of my mind I studied blogs and came to the conclusion that you could go as much or less public as you like. Ok, so that was no longer a reason to hold me back.
  • What if noone was interested in my sewing-stories? I put that thought aside quickly because you can only find out by trying.
  • Than the biggest issue. I did not have a digital camera. I bought a new (non-digital) camera a few years before that (didn't have a computer at that time, so why buy a digital-camera, I thought). But I knew I hád to have one if I wanted to start blogging myself. So I bought one and I never looked back.
Looking forward
I'll definitely go on blogging as I find it still as exciting and fun as when I started.
But with one year of experience in the pocket, are there things I want to change?

I want to:
  • make my posts more interesting for you to read.
  • sew more so I can post more frequently as I'm totally unhappy with the amount of posts I'm writing now.
  • upgrade the quality (both technically and esthetically) of my pictures.
  • write (a bit) more about other things but only in small doses and if possible sewing- or fashion-related, as I want this blog to be about sewing/fashion in the first place. (Maybe some cooking? I've got some lovely recipes which I've been dying to share with you).

Whoa, I've set myself some goals there! I don't know when (and if) I will reach them but I can always try, right? I'll do my best and in the meantime I hope you will 'stay with me' for yet another year.

Happy sewing everyone!


p.s. Starting a new sewing project today. It should be a quick one. So hopefully news on that very soon.


Rosie said...

Happy anniversary! Hope your hand is healing well and look forward to your posts!

Faye Lewis said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!

KID, MD said...

Happy anniversary!!

Eugenia said...

Many congratulations on one year of blogging. I was very interested to read about your thinking before starting your blog - I am so glad that you decided to go ahead because I really enjoy reading about your sewing and finding out a little bit about life in your part of the world!

Penny said...

Congrats on your anniversary! I like to read your blog -- it seems exotic to me and so interesting.

Sigrid said...

Gefeliciteerd Lilian. Your thoughts on starting your blog sound a bit similar to mine at the time I started. I'm one of the less public people and in my first years hardly even shared a full picture of myself. Looking forward to another year of your posts.