Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Skirt finished

Burda 2010-09 / 106B

Phewww...that was a lot of handsewing. But it was worth every stitch. I'm really pleased with this skirt.
In the picture I combined the skirt with my 'Vincent'-top, ánd my new boots.
It's just a pity that the picture won't show the details. And believe me, I took a zillion pictures of me wearing it. Trying different light, flashlight - no flashlight, but it just wouldn't work. A close-up of a flat skirt however will do the trick (colour is a bit washed-out, due to my camera not doing what I want it to do):

And an even closer close-up:

And this is me, posing as a real model, LOL. (Makes the skirt look a bit awkward though....):

The inside is not really interesting but just to show you that I lined the skirt completely:

This was the last of  4 (!) posts about this skirt. So that will do.
Time to look foward.

I already mentioned I'm thinking of making a knit-dress next. I have three great knit-fabrics, especially bought for dresses so I'd better get this party started.


Blogger is really doing my head in. If I upload 1 picture, I can only upload the next if I first close my account and then reopen it. And so on..
Does anyone of you have (had) the same experience, and were you able to do something about it? I'd love to hear because this is utterly annoying.



Nóra said...

I like your new skirt especially stitching! I love handsewing. :-)
Yes, my problem is yours, blogger picture upload is lingering.

Marita said...

What a beautiful skirt, the handstitching makes it look really elegant:)

KID, MD said...

So cute!! It looks wonderful and the hand-stitching really makes it great. Worth the extra work!

Gail said...

Great cut and the handstitching makes for a very interesting garment. I'd like to try this skirt myself sometime.

Eugenia said...

Your skirt is beautiful - the stitching is perfect! I think you're going to be wearing this a LOT - it looks fabulous!

Sigrid said...

Great skirt, your hard work paid off.

gwensews said...

Nice sewing on that skirt. Your topstitching looks terrific, and your lining is perfect!