Friday, December 17, 2010

Simple but satisfying

Last sunday I really surprised myself. I sewed this sweater in a few hours. It took me forever to finish the brown skirt but it felt like my fun in sewing had returned. I must be honest and tell you that I haven't touched the sewingmachine since, but I'm still planning new things.

Alright, let's talk about the sweater:

The (TNT-)pattern is from an old KnipMode. I don't even remember which one. Basically it's very simple. It has raglan-sleeves and a cowl-neck. And that's that. It would probably take some of you less than an hour to make, but I'm just not that quick.
It's not particularly pretty or interesting, but I'm very glad with it all the same.

It's hard to tell with this fabric but these are really raglan-sleeves. The picture is really deceiving as it looks like it's a 'normal' set-in sleeve.

The fabric has a bit of stretch sideways. It needs to be worn with a shirt underneath to keep you warm as it's not really a tight-woven material.
(In other words, the wind is blowing right through it...)
But for indoors this is a great sweater.

Most of the time I sew working-clothes, suitable to wear in an office, but this is really comfy homewear. I should sew this stuff more often!

And now for an update on the weather.

Winter came early this year. It came again yesterday and it will be here for quite a while I'm afraid. I háte cold weather and slippery roads. I love however pretty snow-pictures.
The midst of our country had some pretty heavy snowfall to deal with today, which meant: total chaos on the roads. I wonder what we will be getting here in the south later on.
I'm glad I only had an appointment at the hairdressers and was able to do my weekend-shopping. If everything goes to plan, I don't have to leave my house again until monday-morning.

Lowieke was outside this morning for about 2,5 minutes before he begged me to come back in. I think this pretty topmodel deserves a big picture this time. Isn't he júst adorable?! I tell you, this cat speaks with his eyes...

Stay warm everyone and have a great weekend!



Aminat said...

Great job, love the sweater, and what an adorable Lowieke you got there. Enjoy the weather, it's brutally cold here in Calgary Canada

Gail said...

Love the sweater. It looks so cosy and comfortable. Just the thing to pull on after work.

KC said...

Beautiful sweater!