Saturday, June 18, 2016

Checkered Love

This fabric was bought with the idea of making a T-shirt. But I felt that just a plain T-shirt was not enough to do it justice. So I chose a pattern from an Ottobre magazine I've used before 2 times.
A few years back I tried this pattern and was pleasantly surprised by the great instant fit. No pattern-alterations were needed at the time. What I particularly like about it is the detail on the sleeve. It's actually very simple: there's a little dart at the top of the sleeve. When you sew this together, at the same time you sew over a stretched piece of elastic. Et voilá!
Simple, yet effective. I've taken a picture of the sleeve but it's close to impossible to get a clear picture. The linedrawing however is pretty clear. I don't remember if I altered the neckline when I used this pattern for the first time but mine is not as wide as it appears in the drawing.

I've already worn this shirt multiple times so that makes it a winner in my book.

The only thing I'm slightly worried about is that the fabric may stretch a bit over time. It doesn't feel like there's lycra or elasthan in it so that might be a problem. One of the reasons why this piece of clothing will not see the inside of my washing-machine. This will be handwashed carefully and with love. Like I do with many of my selfmade clothes.

While I still have a few things to show you, I'm already thinking about a new project. A white blouse was on top of my list but today I remembered a piece of fabric that would be perfect for a top that I've sewn recently. Just have to check out if there's enough fabric to work with. If not, than the white blouse will probably be the next thing that will be made. And agáin, I will use a TNT-pattern for that. Wow. I hate tracing new patterns and I seem to have found a way to get round it. This is a habit that needs to be broken if I want to try out new things.
But for now, it's a way of starting up a new project quickly so I'll stay addicted a little bit longer.
There are worse things I can do.

Talk to you soon.


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