Saturday, June 25, 2016

Blue and white stripes....what else?

Just a short post to show the second t-shirt I made with the same Ottobre pattern I used for the black-and-white shirt. I just couldn't let the stripe-trend go by without joining it. The fabric I used is maybe a bit too thick for a t-shirt (punta di roma) but all in all it is ok to wear. The stripes are darkblue and cream-coloured.

The sleeve with a piece of elastic sewed on the inside. (My arm isn't as gigantic in real life as in this picture haha....)

Making this shirt was not exactly a pleasant journey. About everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I even forgot to match the stripes at the sideseams when cutting the fabric. So I was very, very lucky that they did match after all. You want to be hasty and then you forget the most basic things...
At first I finished the neckline the same way I did with the black-and-white shirt, but that resulted in a disaster. No matter how hard I pulled the binding, it was just too stiff to lay flat. I guess that's what Punta di Roma does for you... So I removed it and opted for a facing, using a piece of interfaced cotton. And that went on just fine.
But this was one of those moments you want to throw everything in the bin.

These are still projects I made a while ago. I desperately want to show some new stuff but I haven't found the time yet, nor the energy, to be productive sewingwise.
In four weeks I'll be off from work for 5 weeks! One of the perks of working in the school-branch!
There should be more action in the sewingroom then. Well, that's the plan anyway.

For now, have a lovely weekend everyone!


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