Saturday, June 11, 2016

While I was away...

While I was away, I have been sewing. Not blogging, but yeah..sewing. Because my dear readers, the sewing mojo seems to be back in my life. How great is that! The only problem is, and will be for who knows when: finding time to sew.
With a heavy workschedule, and having to deal with householdstuff, garden etc. by myself, I find it hard to find time to sit behind the sewing-machine. But I managed to squeeze in moments to do some summer-sewing.

My fabricstash is not very big and I love to go to fabricmarkets to add new beauties to the pile. Recently I spend a few hours on a big fabricmarket that was held near my town. And I was very pleased with the fabrics on offer. So many great fabrics I could see myself working with. But I managed to narrow it down to these 5 pieces.

The two black-and-whites in the middle already are turned into T-shirts.
With the lycra zebra-print (don't you just love it!!) I made a skirt.
The light fabric in the bottom on the left, will be a nice, longer cardigan with draped pockets. A nice throw-on for cooler summerdays.

The pink-ish cotton fabric I bought with the idea of making a skirt. The pattern was already chosen but I have my doubts now. Serious doubts. And as long as those doubts are there, no scissors will come near it. It's way too beautiful to mess it up.
Today the July-issue of KnipMode will arrive, maybe I'll find some pattern that will be a good match for this fabric.

I follow KnipMode on Facebook and Instagram and there are some really mixed emotions about the patterns they design. For me, there are still enough nice things to choose from in every issue, so I'm not complaining. It's Always nice when the new issue is due and I'm looking forward to a nice afternoon-read. Altough there is shopping to do, washing, cleaning the house and, if the rain will stop, gardenduties.

I hope to post my new wardrobe-additions very soon.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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