Friday, April 8, 2016

A perfect match


To complete the combo: this is the denim-skirt. Just a simple over-the-knee pencilskirt, with a nice detail at the bottom. I've used the inside of the fabric to make a contrasting band at the bottom and the white, frilly edge of the fabric to sew between top and bottom, so it contrasts with the light- and darkblue of the fabric.
This is not a completely new idea. I've made this same skirt years ago and I remember wearing it a lot. So I thought, why not remake something that once was very useful and succesful in my wardrobe. Denim can be worn with a lot of other pieces which makes it a great wardrobe-partner.
Besides that, denim is great to sew with.
I am very happy with this combo and I already wore it on different occasions. It's great for work.
(I just wish my boots weren't behaving so badly. They are blue, which I love, and when I don't wear them they are long and have a smooth line. But when I put them on and walk a few meters, the top starts to fall down and gives them/my legs an ugly silhouette. I keep pulling them up but without success.. @%&$).


These pictures are pretty washed-out but you get the idea.


This actually is the first time I post a picture in which I wear glasses. I've worn contactlenses since I was 19 years old, which makes it....uhmm...30 years now. The last year they were playing up horribly. I got new lenses but it got even worse. They were all misty and foggy, no matter how many times I cleaned them. My eyes got verry irritated and dry. At one point I put them in before I got to work and by 9am I already had to take them out cause my eyes were just hurting. So I decided to say goodbye to lenses and started wearing glasses again. I'm glad I did! And now I want my hair longer....

Anyways, tomorrow the new KnipMode will be delivered in my mailbox. I wonder if I can be inspired by it to make something new. The long-awaited sewingmojo is still nowhere to be seen. Nowhere. Just don't know when or where I lost it.

But let's nót end on a sad note.
The weekend has started so I hope you all have a great time. Enjoy it!


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Marianne said...

Great use of fabric, giving a simple pencil skirt a nice twist!