Monday, March 28, 2016

KnipMode August 2008 - Top 3b Again.

Wow. Has it really been 5 months since my last post?? I just don't know what to say. Working fulltime does take up most of my time, but there are still moments I could have written a little post and showed you some pictures.
Now that we're enjoying the Easter-weekend (I also had a day off from work on Friday) I feel that it's time (or should I say I háve the time?) to show you what I've been up to sewing-wise. Luckily I made the pictures earlier or else there probably wouldn't have been a post at all today...

KnipMode August 2008 - Top 3b
This is my third attempt to make this sweater. The first one I made (seen here) got great response on my blog. (The picture was even shown on someone else's blog and I found out it got on pinterest) But unfortunately the fabric felt horrible on the skin and I never wore it.
Then I tried again in a white soft knit. But that turned out to be rather see-through, so I never wore that one either. Sad but true.
Now....for this last one: Can I tell you I just love it? I've worn it already many times. I guess it's true what they say: three times lucky!

The real star in this design of course is the collar.
At one end the collar is sewn with gathers to the v-shaped neckline, and goes through a hole at the other end. The collar is basically a rectangular with a straight end (the gathered one) and a pointy end.
In this picture you see a close-up of the gathered end of the collar and the hole through which the other end of the collar is pulled.

The fabric is quite thick and there's a lót of fabric going on in the back of the collar but with the 4 pleats (both in and outside) it's manageable. (It doesn't look as neat as I wanted it but it was hard to pull the whole lot through the sewing-machine and keeping all the pleats in place at the same time).

I also finished the denim skirt and that turned out great as well. But that's for a next post.
So, I've sewn a few bits. But my sewing-mojo is nowhere to be seen at the moment. I have another skirt that's not finished yet and I think I started that about 5 weeks ago. But today is gonna be the day that I will finish pick it up and do some work. It's definitely meant to be worn in colder times, so if I don't hurry up I won't be able to wear it before fall.
First lunch, and then hop,hop,hop to the sewingroom!!

Enjoy your day!

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