The fruits of my sewcation - #1 Pink cardigan

Last week I was enjoying a much needed vacation, which in fact has been a sewcation, just as planned. The muscles in my neck and back are sore from sitting in an unhealthy position. (Note to self: must do something about that position!)
I managed to sew a cardigan, a skirt, a dress and I took some time on pants-fitting. Each item will get its own blogpost because I’ve decided that, apart from informing (inspiring?) you, I want this blog to be a documentation of what I have sewn.

So let’s start with the cardigan in a fuchsiapink, very pretty lace jersey. (Here you can read about the first time I made this cardigan.)
The colour is almost a neon pink, but surprisingly enough it is totally wearable and I like it on me.
Here I'm wearing it with a lilac tanktop.  A colourful combination! 

without the belt (I prefer it closed though...)

I’m still on the fence about wether I like it as a garment  In other words: if I will wear it or not.

The major problem with this pink cardigan is that the fabric is so thin and lightweight, it sticks to your clothes. But I wanted this to work and carried on bravely. It is a very beautiful fabric though:

It is súper stretchy but my serger did a great job, as always. Really, that little machine changed my life! The cardigan is finished with a band, sewn to the front and the neckline. The front patternpiece for this is curved. There were enough reasons to cut it out as a straight band: I didn’t wanted to distort the lines of the fabricdesign,  the curve is really shallow and the fabric stretchy enough to accommodate for that, ánd, not unimportant, there was not enough fabric to cut it out as a curve. Luckily, this turned out just as I hoped.

It is also very see-through! Of course I knew this from the start and I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I had been able to see and feel it in real life. Because, how on earth do you stabilize a fabric like this??
The band is holding up pretty well, but the belt I made is just flimsy and doesn’t hold its shape at all. It is looking more like a cord than a belt when it is fastened.
I did sew a strip of black interfacing in the topseam of the bandpiece in the neck, otherwise this would stretch way too much.

I’ll start wearing it and see how I feel about it. It would be just a waste of good fabric and time if I don’t give this a shot. And maybe I’m being overly critical. It wouldn’t be the first time that something I really didn’t like initially, over time turned out to be one of my most worn items. Sometimes the love just has to grow.

Well, that was the first item. I don’t know if I will be sewing anything today or tomorrow. Wednesday it is back to work for me. That means: going upstairs, opening my laptop and I'm good to go. I’m not looking forward to that. In fact, I feel it is getting harder with every week that passes by. But it is all for the good cause so we will carry on doing this for as long as it is necessary.
First though I have to tidy up my very, very messy sewing room because that is my office if I work from home. And I can’t have all that sewing-mess distract me from my paid job now can I?  

Keep safe, keep sewing and I’ll talk to you soon.



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