Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's start 2011 with Top 3b from KnipMode 2008-08

Yoohooo...best wishes for 2011 everyone!!! I hope you all had a great time celebrating.

I know I'm a bit late. But the fact is that I spent the last week in bed because of a flu that had me down in more than one way. Things seem to be looking up however and it was about time I showed my face.

O, wait, that's another story. I'm not showing my face yet for I have an infection on my chin at the place where a mole has been removed 5 weeks ago. It was for pure cosmetical reasons and I can't seem to shut up that little voice in the back of my head saying: "Serves you right for being vaaaaain...!!". I have some cream for it since yesterday and next monday I'm gonna pay my physician another visit to have it checked. I was hoping for a recovery with an almost invisible scar. Now I'm just hoping for a recovery. Strange, how easy you adjust your expectations.

Luckily I have a very pretty, headless model in my house. That's right, The Blue Lady. And she was more than willing to step in for me once again. Because.......tumdadadummmm....I have something new to show you. And this is it. My very first project of this year. And thát's a good start!

Center-backseam at the neck (this picture shows the right colour):

Adorable detail.

I absolutely lóve the fact that it's a simple pattern but with just the right detail for a great effect. The fabric is thicker than you would normally use for this top but the drape is amazing. I'm glad it turned out this way.

It is an easy and fairly quick to make top and I had it in my mind for quite some time. I'm glad it's finally finished and I can move on to new things.
Are there any plans already? Yes, actually there are:

This fabric:                                                                          This KnipMode dress:

What do you think? Could be nice right?



Anonymous said...

I've seen Sigrid's and Melissa's version of this pattern and would have never dared to try it in a heavier weight fabric. You proved me wrong, this looks fantastic.

melissa said...

Ooh I remember this pattern! (though I think iln3arossa got me confused - I've never made it!) This looks fantastic and cosy and just perfect for January weather. I hope you feel better soon, it's just awful having spots on your face. :(

KID, MD said...

Fabulous top! The design is so fun and the fabric is sleek, but still cozy. I think that dress will be fabulous and I can't wait to see it - hopefully you'll be all healed and able to model for us.

Sigrid said...

Fabulous, and indeed lin3arossa is mistaken, she will have had the dress in mind that both Melissa and I made. I really have to check whether I have this issue. Perfect and the neckline is so beautiful. Good luck with the dress and getting rid of the flu.

Gail said...

I love that top and it is beautifully made.

gwensews said...

Very pretty. Lush. Luscious. Lushly? It is beautiful. And lush+whatever ending.

.x.Helen.x. said...

The neckline detail is so simple but so effective! It's gorgeous.

Alviana said...

Gorgeous top. Beautifully made. Looks like u just bought them from a boutique :)

Rambling Rachel said...

wow!!!I love it. great for work, going to the store and hanging out at home. Inspiring!

Debbie Cook said...

LOVE this! I ordered a similar Kwik Sew pattern that I'm going to morph to be like yours, and I think I have a nice heavy knit for it too. Thanks for the inspiration!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

The top is fantastic! I love it!

Jenny said...

That's a great top! I was so inspired, I made my own version of one today. :-) Very nice!