Friday, March 23, 2012

TNT (this time it means: Totally Nice Top)

My favourite TNT-pattern is this one:

Burda 2008/10 - 119           

Two thumbs up for this one! I tried it several times and every time I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it is to assemble and how great the effect is. It's total love and I'll probably be making more of this.
This is my latest project:

Apart from the sewingpattern being easy and quick, I can't get over how much I love this fabric. It's jersey with velvet on some parts of the flowers. The colours are very rich but demure at the same time. Funny thing is that I received this fabric by accident. I actually ordered other (almost the same) fabric on the internet but apparently it was mistaken for this one. Well, absolutely no harm done.

When it was time to topstitch and hem, I was already reaching for my black thread. But then I thought it would be fun to use a brighter colour for that. I had the perfect purple in my stash so I used that.

And talking about hemming: I lóóóve my twin-needles. Together with my serger they opened up jersey-sewing-heaven for me.

Here are two other pictures of tops I made before. The blue one I blogged about earlier. It was actually part of a mini-swap. Click here to see pictures of me wearing it. It's perfect for mild winter/early spring temperatures.
The one with the short-sleeves (I call that my African-T-shirt) was made in my pre-blogging years. Great top for summer.


I made another long-sleeved one (the first one) right after Burda published this pattern, but I don't have that top anymore. The fabric (altough lovely to look at) got a bit saggy and at a certain point I stopped wearing it. So it was time to say goodbye to that one.

Note:  Don't bother putting in a zipper. No need at all as long as you use fabric with enough stretch. (If you could use the fabric for a zipper-less t-shirt, than it's perfect for this design).

I hope you are all enjoying lovely spring-weather. Here in the Netherlands the temperatures are rising up big time. They could even reach 20 degrees (celsius) today and tomorrow. And this weekend the clocks will be changed to daylight-saving-time, or 'summertime' as we call it here (we like to get ahead of things, haha).

Hopefully my next post won't take as long as this one. But I can't promise anything. I have a rather full agenda at the moment and I'm still not an expert in time-management. (Will I ever be? Is anyone?) But the intention is there, and so are the sewingplans.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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