Friday, May 14, 2010

Pictures, as promised.

It took a trip to the shoe-store (what a punishment!) to buy the shoes I knew would match perfectly with these outfits, and ignoring a headache that's been going on for three days now, but a promise is a promise. So, after making four peaces I have 4 outfits to show you.  The striped-pattern of the skirt is a bit of a blur. If you click on the pictures you get a better view:

I definitely see the advantages of sewing with a plan. And it doesn't have to end here. You can think of other pieces (already made/bought or still to be made/bought) that could be added to this mini-wardrobe. And that's so much fun.

The shoes were something I had set my mind on some time ago. When I was shopping in early spring I saw that there were a lot of blue shoes and it only took a second for me to decide that I wanted them too. Gorgeous! 
Here are some detail-pics:

L * O * V * E

What's not to like love, right?!

I did some fabric-shopping on the internet yesterday and in a moment I'll be off to buy some more in my favourite shop. (Nothing beats feeling and seeing the fabric in real life..).
If I don't have any sewing pictures in the nearby future than at least I can show you the fabric and tell you about my plans.

Wishing you all a great weekend!!



Sigrid said...

Nice shoes! And lovely mini-wardrobe that's a good starting point for more matching.
What are your favorite internet stores for fabric?

KID, MD said...

Wonderful wardrobe! you'll definitely get a lot of wear out of these pieces. The shoes are amazing. I LOVE them!

Eugenia said...

It's so great that you've given us the chance to see how your wonderful new wardrobe peices all work together. All the garments are beautiful and they complement each other so well. I love your new shoes - perfectly chosen to go with your new outfits. The buckles are pretty - that's a really nice detail.

Kathy said...

Awesome look gorgeous. You're right, what's not to love about those shoes...good shopping. Hope your headache has gone away....

Kathi said...

Your SWAP is lovely!! I also adore those shoes! I have a really skinny foot and envy folks who can just go to a shoe store and buy cute shoes!

Lina said...

I can not decide which outfit I like most. Everything is wonderful! And shoes ...simply amazing!!