Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pants and cardigan

Pheww..!!! That took me wáy too long!
So I'm glad I'm finally done with this.
But I must say I'm pretty pleased with the end result.
(And I'm sure my pants will start to fit better once I shed some pounds...)

What you see is cardigan pattern #7 from KnipMode December 2011 and pants pattern # 129 from Burda February 2007.

You can find the linedrawing of the cardigan here.
This is the linedrawing of the pants.
I used size 46 and eliminated the pockets. I wanted the lines of these pants to be as smooth as possible.
(The cardigan is a size 44)

That pants-size 46 is really doing my head in. I know I'm tall, but I look like a 46 to you??
(Please tell me I don't...)

The fake-fur collar is the main feature of this outfit. I could eat this stuff! It feels so soft and luxurious.

I didn't read the instructions very carefully, or else I wouldn't have fiddled that long with attaching the collar to the neckline. What I did was place it on top of the neckline (wrong side collar at right side fabric). It just wouldn't lay flat and I kept thinking about what I did wrong. Then I finally took the time to read the instructions and found out that the collar has to be attached onto the facing, at the INSIDE of the neckline. Once I tried that it all worked just fine.  The collar flipped over to the outside beautifully.

The collar is attached with snap fasteners. Only both ends of the collar are fastened with some handstitching just on the outside. I would loose too much of the length if the ends had to be fastened on the inside and then folded to the outside. (If that makes any sense to you!)

I don't have an overall picture of the pants. It's pretty plain and looks just like the linedrawing, minus the pockets, so no surprise there.

There are always 2 things I like about finishing a project:
- something new to add to my wardrobe
- room for a new project

There are a few ideas growing in my head and I also can't wait to start sewing spring-items. But at this point I haven't decided yet on that new project. Once I do, you'll be the first to know!


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