Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thanks everyone who left a nice comment about my top. Stephanie asked if I could show a close-up picture of the collar. I completely forgot about that request and just read it again. I'll do that in my next post. That's a promise!

After the top, I made black trousers. But silly, silly me. For years on a row now I am a size 44. Since I've gained some weight in the last year I'm more of a 46 now. So I thought it was only logical to sew a size 46 and then I would end up with perfect fitting pants. Only one 'small' problem, I forgot that most of the years I have been a size 44, I already cut extra seams and width (and therefore probably cut a size 46 already!) to make sure pants and skirts would fit me. So what I actually did now was cut exactly the same size and ended up with some tight-fitting pants. It's wearable, the fabric stretches quite a lot, but it's a far cry from the perfect-fitting pants I had imagined and I'll always have to wear something long on top to cover my bum. Annoying. Anyway, I'm carrying on. I will show a picture of me wearing the trousers after I finished my next project, which is a cardigan from December 2011 KnipMode :

I cut the fabric on sunday. After some deliberation I decided to start with the collar. I've never worked with faux-fur and I didn't want to make the whole cardigan only to find out in the end that I wasn't able to pull off the collar. Shouldn't have doubted my sewing-skills because, tadaaaaa:

I just can't stop stroking that fur. It's incredibly soft. I love the outcome so far. Now I can assemble the rest of the cardigan, knowing that I already tackled the hardest part, which wasn't hard at all by the way.

This is the pattern piece for the collar. The outer line is for the fur, the inner line is for the lining. It's a tad smaller than the fur so it pulls the edges of the fur inside to make sure no lining shows on the outside. You can also see that in the picture above.
(The vertical line is the center. I cut out the whole piece, not only on the fold, so I could cut out the fur in one layer.)

The fabric I'm using for this cardigan is a soft, dark-grey knit. It has some white fibers in it so it matches the black and white of the fur perfectly. I would show you a picture but it's just too hard to photograph.

* * *

Last weekend I took my sewing-stuff downstairs. It's way too cold to sit upstairs in my only slightly heated sewingroom. Considering our fairly mild climate, we are having quite a cold period here in the Netherlands. I think for eight days now the temperature has been well below zero, day and night.
We had some snow friday. So it was time to take the camera out. I'll leave you with these winter-pictures. They're all taken from the inside of my house  :o)

Bye for now, and stay warm!!


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