Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Skirt # 1 is finished.....and a top from the past.

Why on earth do we sew? I know why I sew. For THIS feeling I'm having right now. I'm soooo happy with this skirt. It's actually nothing special really, but I know I will get so much use out of it and it's such a great piece to combine with other things in my wardrobe. And I have a good reason reason to wear my ankle-boots now. (Wearing them with trousers just isn't the same). It fits great. The fabric has a bit of stretch and it's very comfortable to wear. Enough reasons for me to be happy.

So I chose the black pinstripe over the blue boucle, to start with. The pattern (from Knipmode) has turned into a TNT for me. This is the fourth time I used it. (Three times in a knee-length version). I can't remember from which pattern it originates but it's a pattern used very often in Knipmode.
It's straight, has a narrow waistband with facings, in the front 2 x 1 dart, and in the back 2 x 2 darts.
I inserted a normal zipper. Using an invisible zipper is a skill I still have to learn. I bought one a year and a half ago, but everytime I look at it I get extremely intimidated ;-)
For walking-comfort I made this (Can anyone tell me what the english word for this is? The strange shape at the sides is due to the fact that my skirt was draped over the ironingboard when I made this picture):

O, and did you notice that the top I'm wearing is Burda 02/2009 #123 ? I made this quite some time ago (in my pre-blogging era). To be really honest, I think it outshines the skirt. By the way, using elastic to finish the sleeves is not what the original pattern calls for, but I happily followed Dawn's great idea. Thank you Dawn for the inspiration.

Now isn't that what you would call a great start of the week?



Karima said...

Thank you for joining my blog, it is wonderful to have found you particularly as you are an experienced and talented sewer. I'm sure I will learn loads from you - this skirt is a good start. I look forward to reading your entire blog from start to finish. Keep up the great work!

KID, MD said...

Beautiful - both the skirt and the top! I love when something turns out so well! The opening at the back of your skirt is called a "vent" in English. Yours looks very nice!

Anonymous said...

You look lovely!

Eugenia said...

Wonderful skirt, definitely not "nothing special". It's a beautiful classic that you will, indeed, get lots of wear out of. Love the top too - great outfit, you look amazing in it, ready to go anywhere!

Lina said...

Well done!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! Thanks for your comment on my blog a few weeks ago. It's nice to have a "follower." I should have a new post up today.

Anonymous said...

I love that "success!" sewing feeling. Lovely skirt

Kathi said...

Beautiful outfit!! Okay, I can see why you started with that fabric. I still would have gone for the blue, though!!!!!!!! Too funny!
Your workmanship on both the skirt and top are beautiful!