Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cowl-neck sweater finished

(boring picture, he?)

There's just one thing that pops up in my mind when I look at this picture and that is: ......mwah.......

I had high hopes for this great fabric. But I guess I didn't think this one through properly. There was a sudden urge to finish something (i.e. post something) this weekend and I wanted this to be my last winter-sewing. I didn't choose the pattern carefully and I wasn't very accurate with lenghts and width (arms are too short). And the seam looks definitely crooked.

(The pattern is an old one I used a few times. Don't know where it originates from. This version looks a lot nicer by the way). 

Well, as we all know, this happens every now and then. No need to dwell on it. Some would call this a wadder with destination bin, but I always find it hard to dismiss things I put time and energy in. This sweater will not be work-appropriate (as I hoped it would be)  but it's fine to wear while shopping or doing other casual things. 

Because I still think that the fabric itself is beautiful I'll show you a picture. If you click two times on the picture you'll see how some of the threads have a metallic shine:

Right. And now the million-dollar question: "what's next?"
As I said, I'm really done with wintersewing and want to look ahead to spring and summer. Knipmode has some really nice springpatterns that I want to try and I have a few nice pieces of fabric in my stash that I have plans for already.

I'll keep you informed.


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