Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Skirt in the making and some rambling...

Dear readers, there's a serious amount of rambling ahead!....I tried to 'pimp' it a little with a serious amount of pictures though.

At the moment I'm working on this skirt. It's from KnipMode September 2010.

                  And this is what I've done so far:

There will probably be no sewing or finished projects to show you until friday, but I just felt like blogging tonight. So what am I gonna talk to you about?? Hmmm...let's see......

Ok, let me start by saying that the KnipMode that contains this skirt, has really a LOT of great patterns in it. Just looking at the cover of the magazine makes me happy because I just know that there's a lot of great stuff inside. This is what I'm talking about, I want to sew/have them áll:

                                I made this one already

Something else. Ain't this a clever, little device? It came with one of the latest KnipMode's but I can't remember which one. It's so easy to use and very helpful when cutting seams. Way better than using a measuring tape. It's made from cardboard. Pretty simple actually, you can make one yourself if you want to. It lies still on the fabric, doesn't slide on the floor, and it's little, which makes it very manageble.

This one is pretty clever too. Lies still on the fabric, doesn't slide........ok, I guess you know where this is going. (Don't you just love the patternsheets KM is using compared to the Burda ones? Fat lines (easy to see through tracing paper!), only a few patterns per sheet, each pattern in its own colour..)

Ok, what's next? What about this sad piece of measuring-tape? It's literally hanging on by a few threads and the print is almost invisible at certain places. I don't even know how it got damaged so badly. (I didn't cut through it myself though it looks that way). It's in desperate need to be replaced. Maybe tomorrow during my lunch-break.

That's all folks.
Next time a one-subject-post. Promised!



Beth said...

I just love these patterns, especially that knit top from Knipmode 2008 you pictured. I am not having any luck in find that pattern, I tried Ebay as someone suggested, no luck. I found the web site but they didn't have any back patterns.

Sigrid said...

Weer leuke patronen uitgezocht! Er zit nog wat in het verschiet. Ik ben weer helemaal enthousiast over Knip.

M said...

I'm so envious that you can get hold of Knip Mode, lots of great patterns. I really like the look of the dress (no 11), can't wait to see.