Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick, cute and girlish

My quick-project blouse is finished. And quick it was. Considering this is the fourth time I'm using this pattern, it's not very surprising. 
Two times this pattern was used for a blouse with long sleeves and two times with short sleeves. (Click here for the version with long sleeves). I love the way the little sleeves have a few details. The rest of the blouse is rather simple.

When I had sewed on the buttons there were 2 spare ones. I got a great idea and decided to use them on the sleeves. Now it looks like the fold is held in place by the button. It's not, but it somehow uplifts the effect of the fold. It's a nice finishing touch and I love it. I love the whole blouse as a matter of fact. (I also want to say that it's cute and girlish and.....ok, that's enough..)

Now let's hope there will still be more sunny, warm days to wear it.

In the meantime I started on the dress I wrote about in the previous post. I have a few more hours tonight, maybe I'll be able to finish it. It will be the 'star' of my next post. I love it so far, but this wasn't always the case when making it. Well, more about that the next time.

Yesterday I went shopping in Antwerp with a friend. We decided to browse the little streets we never go to and boy am I glad we did! I discovered a fabricstore with great fabric. Just 500 metres from the railway-station. Outside was a box with remnants and I couldn't help myself. I brought these cuties home with me:

It's such a shame that the camera doesn't catch the real colours. They're much more vibrant in real life.

Apart from the Chanel-lookalike (which is surprisingly thin) they're all summer-fabrics. And I actually don't want to make anything for the summer any more so they will probably be hibernating till next year... (but I can always change my mind right?)
I'm definitely ready for autumn-sewing now. The september-issue of KnipMode didn't disappoint, I repeat: DID NOT disappoint at all!! 
Here's just a pick of a few garments I like, but there are definitely more of them:

Aren't they just great?! So maybe I'll renew my prescription after all.
I wonder though what Burda will have in store for us.  



gwensews said...

That's a very nice little blouse. I love a TNT pattern. You can't go wrong sewing basics like this one.

Gail said...

Lovely blouse, especially the sleeve treatment. Your upcoming projects are interesting too. My favourite is the number 16 blazer. We don't get Knipmode here.